Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend Catch-Up #5


Kopari Coconut Glow: I can honestly say that at age 25 I never thought I'd be obsessed with a product that contains a lot of shimmer – but I am. The Kopari Coconut Glow* is made up of coconut oil, vitamin E, Shea Butter, mica, and iron oxide for a golden liquid that can instantly turn you into a bronzed goddess. While there is certianly a fair amount of shimmer (due to the mica), for those days where I want a simple beach-y glow, this is what I turn to. Aside from it's glow-worthy components, it's also super hydrating and smells simply heavenly, with coconut gardenia fragrance that makes me feel like I'm on a tropical vacation. While I have mainly been using this just for my body, it can also be used as a simple highlighter on your face, which would look gorgeous on those no-makeup days where you just want a simple glow. While it does contain fragrance, the formula has no silicones, sulfates, parabens, or GMOs, making it a formula I have really loved.

Bellabeat: This is a review that is a loooong time in the making. Instead of hopping on the Fitbit craze, for the past several months I've been using a similar program with added benefits — the Bellabeat*. This gorgeous little leaf can be made into a necklace, bracelet, or simply clipped on to your clothing to add up your steps, as well as keeping track of a plethora of other things. All you need to do is download the free Bellabeat app to your phone, and from there all of your information is sent directly to it. The app continuously updates, adding new features and more benefits, but currently it can be used to keep track of your steps, your sleep, your menstruation, and even provides you with various meditation programs. I mentioned in a past post my struggle with anxiety, and I credit a lot of my interested in exercise and my health to this gem of a product. It keeps me excited to constantly challenge myself physically, making sure I get over 10,000 steps a day even if I'm not working out. It's also helpful for a totally forgetful person like myself, helping me keep track of my period and sleep to keep me feeling my best. It's an all-around great product to add to your routine for a healthy lifestyle, and one that I would thoroughly recommend. Plus, just look at how pretty it is!

Oskia Cleansing Gel: While there was a time in my skincare life that I had a seemingly endless amount of cleansers, more recently my collection has dwindled down to just two. Aside from my beloved Yuli Halycon Cleanser, the only other cleanser that has become a part of my daily routine is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel*, a pink gel cleanser that exfoliates, cleanses, and leaves my skin looking better than ever before. With all natural ingredients, some of the key components you will find here are pumpkin enzymes, vitamin A, and MSM (a form of mineral sulphur). Combined, the formula makes for a cleanser that gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving behind a brighter complexion that never feels irritated. As someone with dry yet blemish-prone skin, this cleansing gel feels like it was made for me. It is the only cleanser I've used that has actively helped fight spots and clogged pores, eliminating dryness without making my sensitive skin irritated. I like using it in the morning, putting the pink gel on my face and letting is sit for a minute or two, allowing my complexion to really absorb the benefits. Afterwards, I use a warm wash cloth to take everything off, and my face instantly looks far more rejuvenated. All in all, expect to hear a lot more about this dreamy gem on my blog, because this British cult-favorite has found itself a permanent spot in my routine.

Vintner's Daughter: By now, you have probably heard of the cult-favorite Vintner's Daughter Botanical Serum* at least once. Whether it's due to it's awe-worthy formula, or its super-sized price tag, this beautiful serum has been everywhere this past year, appearing on award shows, magazine spreads, and green beauty blog reviews (like my own here). While my skin was loving this last year, enough to warrant me using up every last drop of my bottle, I was interested to see how it would fare with my much more oily complexion in the humid heat of Florida's summer. While the formula has a hefty number of ingredients (22 botanical ingredients), this oil is actually fairly lightweight, absorbing into your complexion quickly as you use the brand's Push/Press Technique. Like I mentioned in my previous review, using this oil is truly an experience — from the massaging technique you use to apply it, to the relaxing fragrance it evokes, applying this at night is just as beneficial to my daily routine as the results are when I wake up the next morning. Oh, and those results? Turns out, no matter if the weather is cold and dry or hot and humid, this superhero formula gets to work quickly. Using this as night, you can honestly see instant results, with a infinitely more hydrated complexion after just a single use. With more consistent use, you will see your skin tone looking more even, blemishes clearing up, and irritation disappearing altogether. Honestly, it's just an altogether great oil that can benefit any type of skin. Take my word for it — as someone whose skincare routine changes constantly, this is one oil that has stuck with me for more than a year now, and I'm still consistently impressed by the results.


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