Sunday, August 7, 2016

Moon Juice and Anxiety

This is a post that's been sitting in my line-up for awhile, because it's a topic that's pretty personal and close to the heart for me. Let me start off by bluntly saying that I have generalized anxiety disorder. While everyone worries and stresses at one point or another, for me it's a constant, a racing mind that worries about topics that shouldn't even concern me. It keeps me up at night, it often makes me feel physically ill, and it has held me back from doing a lot of things throughout my life.

Although this disorder is a huge part of my life, I haven't written about it here too much for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the biggest one is that I started this blog for beauty posts, and I don't want anyone reading to feel like I'm complaining or going into dark territory — I know I could be a lot worse off, and I don't take that for granted.

So the reason I am talking about it now is that I've really been suffering with the effects of the disorder these past few months. Since moving to Florida, far away from my family, and living without a car, the anxiety has come back pretty badly. That's the thing with the disorder — with coping mechanisms and therapy it can go (relatively) away for years before a major life change brings it back.

That being said, the point of me saying all of this is that I wanted to talk about one of the small changes that have been slowly helping me cope (in addition to therapy, exercise, and several other changes), which are the Spirit Dust* and Brain Dust* from Moon Juice. I've always been a big proponent of supplements, and Moon Juice has always been one of my favorites. While I cannot stress enough that these supplements are not a cure-all for anxiety, they have made a big difference in just helping me create a calming routine to put myself in a peaceful state of mind.

Both of these supplemental dusts contain herbal ingredients targeted to ease your mind and create a calming space. Like all of Moon Juice's dusts, you can mix the powder with a liquid of your choice, whether it be a hot or cold drink. My personal drink of choice has been adding a bit to a herbal tea, something I usually drink midday to provide me with a pick-me-up for the rest of the day without resorting to a second cup of coffee.

Both dusts mix easily with the hot drink (in fact, I find they mix easier with hotter liquids as opposed to a cold one), adding a bit of sweetness without changing the taste all too much. Out of the two, I've been turning more heavily to the Spirit Dust*, which contains ingredients such as goji, reishi and longan to relieve stress and clarify your mind. While no supplement will make my anxiety magically go away, I have found the routine of tea and Spirit Dust* has done a pretty great job at calming me down a bit midday, allowing me to focus on work and put myself in a slightly calmer state of mind.

I hope this post wasn't too depressing — I find that the best way to deal with anxiety (for myself, at least) is to talk about it, something I am more than happy to do if it helps just one person out there realize that what they're feeling can be helped.


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