Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Perfect Cream Shadow for Dry Lids

My (always) temperamental skin has been especially dry lately, a lovely quality that has unfortunately affected the area around my eyes more than anything else. Because of my super dry lids, powder shadow has kind of been out of the question as of late, giving me the opportunity to try out these fab cream shadows from the always wonderful Vapour Organic Beauty. You might recall I've reviewed some of the brand's beautiful products in the past, but this was my first time trying out their Mesmerize Eye Color*.

I've been playing around with three different shades: Flash (a mushroom taupe), Embrace (a soft peach) and Nightfall (a soft greyish brown). My immediate reaction, before even putting the formula on my skin, was how gorgeous wearable the shades were. When it comes to makeup, I'm far from the most adventurous person, so these simple yet chic shades have been ideal for everyday wear.

While you can apply it a few different ways, I like to put it on straight from the bullet and then rub the formula in using my fingers. The color payoff is pretty great, with a buildable formula that is hydrating yet durable. Most days I like adding the softness of Embrace all over my lid, lining a bit of the darker Nightfall along my bottom lashline for a bit of definition. While I usually use my fingers to apply, I've also experimented with using different brushes that have been just as successful. All in all, my desert-dry lids couldn't be happier!

Have you tried any shades of the Mesmerize Eye Color before? I'd love to hear any color recommendations to try out next!


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