Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekend Catch-Up #4

Briogeo Ginseng and Biotin Volumizing Shampoo + Conditioner*
I'm always on the look out for a great non-toxic shampoo and conditioner pairing. Up until this point, there was hardly anything that could compare to my HG duo, the gorgeous shampoo and conditioner pair from True Botanicals. That said, I have been truly impressed with this offering from Briogeo, a green brand that, up until now, I had yet to try. While they have a wide selection of hair care that addresses different concerns, I decided to try out this volumizing pair for size, seeing as my hair is flatter than flat. Using ingredients such as ginger, this duo is vegan, cruelty-free and touts itself as being 98% naturally-derived. For a hair care brand, it is pretty darn impressive.

I just recently finished up both bottles in order to get the full effect (get it?), and can say I really enjoy the results using these two together. My hair is left feeling lighter, cleansed and a little less flat. In other words, it's everything I could've asked for from a shampoo and conditioner!

Kjaer Weis' Spring 2016 Collection
There are few green makeup brands I adore as much as Kjaer Weis' beautiful and expansive line. I mean, everything about it is perfection, from the clean ingredients to the exquisite packaging to the shade selection — there's simply nothing but postitives to say about the brand. For their Spring 2016 line, Kjaer Weis introduced two new shades, one for their line of eye shadows and another for the brand's cream blushes. The new Eye Shadow in Angelic* is a light, soft pink with a rosy undertone, made with ingredients such as bamboo and honeysuckle extract. Kjaer Weis has always had what I consider to be some of the best eye shadow formulations on the market, and this new shade has been no exception. The pale pink can be lightly swept for a pop of pink or built up to a more noticeable pastel, making it a fun yet flattering color that's perfect for warm weather days.

While I enjoy the shadow, the new Cream Blush in Precious* has really stolen my heart. Just like all of the brand's other cream blushes, this one is exceptionally creamy, with a powerful pigmented that you can apply lightly or build up to whatever level you desire. This particular shade is a pastel coral with a peach undertone, described as being the sister to the brand's more neutral shade Embrace. I have been wearing this shade on a daily basis, and love the romantic color for a pretty yet neutral everyday look. Honestly, the color adds just the perfect amount of pigment to wake my entire face up, and even on days I don't wear any other makeup I some times find myself popping just a teensy bit of this on. So far, across the board, I've been seeing nothing but raves for this new shade, so I'd say the brand definitely has found themselves a winner!

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate*
My skin is a real pain. Dry and in need of moisture, yet acne-prone and thus sensitive to too much moisture — what's a girl to do? Well, while I only was able to try a small sample of this new launch from Kypris, after only two uses I knew I would need to apologize to my wallet and go all out for a full size. You see, while I'm a self-confessed cleanser addict whose seemingly tried just about everything on the market, this particular gem is unlike anything I've ever tried. First off, there's the ingredient listing, which contains dreamy picks such as moringa seed oil, prickly pear seed oil and blue tansy.

The creamy formula goes on smoothly to either dry or damp, enveloping your senses with its calming scent. After applying, I like to leave it on for a minute to really soak in the benefits before taking the formula off with a warm washcloth. My complexion instantly feels smoother, more hydrated, and yet totally cleansed. You truly only need a tiny amount per application, which is why this itty bitty sample lasted me a full three uses. While the price tag of the full size is a bit hard to swallow, it is supposed to last through sixty full uses. Can you tell I'm already enabling myself into buying this dreamy formula?

Kahina Eye Serum* 
While living in Florida has definitely made my skin type a little less dry in general, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the delicate skin underneath my eyes. Aside from being plagued by dark circles, my under eyes are further emphasized by their dryness, which unfortunately brings out fine lines and crepey-ness. All of that being said, I was really interested to get the opportunity to try out this newly reformulated Kahina Eye Serum*. The brand has recently relaunched their best selling eye serum with a new (and powerful) ingredient — prickly pear seed oil. Now, I've reviewed the effects of prickly pear seed oil on my dark circles in fuller detail in the past, but to sum it up I have had great results using this hydrating oil.

So, how does the reformulated serum work, you ask? While the original Kahina Eye Serum was impressive, to say the least, I have been blown away by my love for this new relaunch. The formula is incredibly hydrating but sinks in instantly, allowing me to put on makeup right after applying without having to worry about fine lines, crepey-ness or what have you. I've had a long, tumultous history with eye creams and moisturizeres in the past, but I can honestly say that this is one of the best of the best.

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