Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Catch-Up #3

Well it's certainly been awhile since I did one of these! As you all have undoubtedly noticed, things have been much slower on the blog these past few months. I know I've said it before, but I am truly trying to make it a goal to get more posts out per week! This blog has been my passion project for the past couple of years, and unfortunately work and life have just been so crazy that they have kind of gotten in the way of it. So, anyways, I'm really trying to change it so I can be more active here and on social media. Fingers crossed! Here are a few of my favorite beauty bits from these past few weeks...
RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek* and Nail Polish* in Curious 
I honestly cannot think of anything I've tried from RMS Beauty that has not impressed me. Their creamy formulas, clean ingredients, and gorgeous color selections have blown me away time after time, and there always seems to be something from the brand circulating in my daily routine. While I've tried their Lip2Cheek* formula in the past, I hadn't yet had the pleasure of giving their Nail Polish* a go.

With a vegan, cruelty-free, and 6-free formula, the polish worked surprisingly well! It went on fairly opaque within one coat (though I decided to go for two just because), and I was incredibly impressed by how long it lasted without chipping. As for the Lip2Cheekformula, I adored it as always. It's incredibly hydrating and creamy, with a serious punch of pigment, meaning just a little bit works perfectly on both your lips and cheeks. I tried both of these products in the same shade, Curious, which I would best describe as an orange-y coral (emphasis on orange). In all honestly, the shade is not quite flattering on my skin tone, though I know some girls who look stunning wearing orange. That said, even though it is not the best shade for my tone, it is definitely still wearable, which just goes to show how impressive this formula is.

W3ll People Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer* in Light
Yes, you read that right — I have added yet another concealer to my collection. But, you know what? This product is fantastic, and was a very welcome addition to my obsessive concealer stash! The formula provides what I would deem as solid medium coverage, covering up signs of darkness underneath your eyes while also fully brightening them up.

While the concealer can be used for anything, my main use for it is underneath my eyes, covering up any signs of fatigue (as well as my hereditary circles). To go the extra mile with skincare benefits, this formula also uses fab ingredients such as coffee seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and green tea extract to wake up tired eyes instead of just covering them. While my circles are herditary, and thus aren't going away any time soon, I do notice when using this that my eyes look visibly brighter, which is truly all I could ask for from a concealer! Along with providing great coverage, the formula also doesn't crease, nor does it cause the area to look dry and crepe-y. Basically, this beautiful concealer (which I've been using in Light) ticks off all my boxes, and I couldn't be happier!

Coola Rose Essence Face Tint SPF 20* and Tropical Coconut Sunscreen SPF 30*
I actually remember trying Coola way back in high school (seven years ago, good lord), when I somehow got my hands on a sample of one of their tinted sunscreens. So, I was pretty excited to try more from the brand, especially since those seven years have certainly changed my outlook on the "less is better" look (flashback to horrifying high school caked-on makeup). Anyways, while I wouldn't be surprised if the formula for their Coola Rose Essence Face Tint SPF 20* has changed significantly since then, I have to admit I still love it! I don't know if it was just the one I received, but I did find this to be very liquid-y, bordering on water-y. It provided sheer coverage at best, but I personally love that look. On lazy days, this has become my ultimate go-to, giving me my daily does of mineral sunscreen without feeling like I'm wearing much of anything. 

As for the Tropical Coconut Sunscreen SPF 30*, this is something I was super excited to try after reading some rave review on Into the Gloss. The scent is the star of the show here, smelling like a pina colada in a bottle. The down side? Because many of their other products use mineral sunscreen I, for whatever reason, had thought this would be the same. This silly oversight is completely on me, as I easily could have read the ingredients, but I definitely hadn't realized it would be a chemical sunscreen. While it is a chemical sunscreen, the formula is loaded with some truly great green ingredients, including red raspberry seed oil, strawberry extract, and a total of 70% organic ingredients overall. So, long story short, while I really do enjoy the scent (which is naturally derived), and the ease of using this sunscreen, it will probably not be a repurchase simply because I would much prefer a mineral sunscreen. That being said, the brand does sell mineral sunscreens, so one of those is definitely going on my shopping list!

Hum Nutrition Cleanse to the Rescue* and Raw Beauty*
I've gone on and on about my love for Hum Nutrition in a past review, but for the past month I've had the opportunity to try out a few more pieces from the line! First up let's talk about Raw Beauty*, a superfood green powder that can be mixed into your daily drink. In my case, I most often combined the powder with a little bit of almond milk, giving me a much needed morning boost. The powder provides a little bit of everything, from fiber to probiotics to enzymes and antioxidants, a laundry list I was most impressed with. Honestly, everything was great about the powder, and I felt that just the one cup of it a day in a drink made a greatly positive impact on my day. If I were to have one gripe about it, it would be the taste. While I am a huge advocate for mint chocolate ice cream (yum!), I can't say the mint chocolate flavor of this was my favorite. Did it blend well with almond milk? Yes, definitely. But, and this might just be me, but it was not my favorite taste for an early morning drink. That being said, if the brand chose to make this in a plain ol' chocolate or vanilla, I would buy it in a second!

The other product I've been using from Hum is their Cleanse to the Rescue*, which comes with a packet of daily supplements that include their Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me tablets. I should start by saying that I have never in my life tried a cleanse. While I know there are plenty of benefits, and I've heard great success stories, I just don't know that it's something I'd want to do for myself. That being said, the name of this particular supplement did throw me off initially. Was it going to cleanse my body like the serious cleanses I've heard about from friends? Well, my answer might not be like everyone else's. With the Cleanse to the Rescue*, you are given two Daily Cleanse tablets and Flatter Me tablets per day. You are supposed to take a Flatter Me tablet before two of your main meals, and then take two Daily Cleanse tablets, one in between each meal. I should say flat out that I did not follow this. For some reason, the Flatter Me tablets did not work well for me at all, and I could tell right away my system didn't agree with something.

I can't speak for certain on what it was, but I quickly cut it out of my daily routine, instead just focusing on the Daily Cleanse. Now, while Flatter Me might not have agreed with me, the Daily Cleanse absolutely did. Guys, my skin never has looked as clear and unblemished as when I was taking these! Honestly, it had a glow from it that only the best of the best skincare products have ever been able to replicate. So, while I cannot speak for the Cleanse to the Rescue* in whole, I can say that the Daily Cleanse has become a welcome part of my supplement routine, and one I no longer plan to be without!

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