Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Leahlani Skincare Makeover

Today I am bringing you a review that has been a looong time in the making. I first discovered the beautiful Leahlani Skincare probably about a year ago, when it was still a little Etsy shop of goodies handmade with love in Hawaii. Since then, the brand has seen a massive revamp that includes new products and stunning packaging, all with the same handmade natural goodness. I have been testing out some of the newly redesigned goodies for awhile now so I'm ready to share my thoughts!

Let's start with the Bless Beauty Balm*, one of the newest additions to the line. I have been noticing a lot of do-it-all balms popping up in the green beauty world lately, and I'd say this is Leahlani's version of just that. This light pink balm comes in the form of a solid, though quickly turns soft when met with the warmth of your hand or fingertips. But, before we get to how well it works, let's just take a peek at a few of the dreamy ingredients you will find in this. You've got shea butter, blue tansy, argan oil, rosehip oil, marajuca oil and more. I mean...does it get any better? The first thing I noticed when using this was the scent, which is a relaxing mix of orange blossoms and blue tansy. The smell alone puts my mind at ease, which is just one of the reasons this has become a staple of my daily routine. While you could use this balm for just about anything, my treatment of choice is to use it as an extra thick layer of hydration for my skin. I pop a bit underneath my eyes, on my lips, my cheeks — wherever is feeling particularly dry. In the morning, I always wake up with happier skin, a complexion that is far less sensitive, less red and simply glowing. The excellent mixture of ingredients works perfectly for me, so this balm has become a must-have when my skin needs a little TLC. Plus, the formula is so rich that you really only need a tiny amount, meaning this blessed balm will be lasting me for quite some time!

Another one of the recent additions to the line is the Meli Glow Mask*, which uses a mixture of raw Hawaiin honey, vegan hyaluronic acid, banana, strawberry, guava and grapefruit (among others) to get rid of dry skin and reveal the refreshed complexion underneath. So, first off, we have to talk about the heavenly scent that this ingredients listing creates. Whenever I open the lid off this gem, I am immediately enveloped by a scent that I could only describe as a tropical smoothie. Other than the scent, though, this mask seriously performs. The ingredients combine clays and hydrating properties to both detox and moisturize your complexion, two results that truly perform as promised. The fruits in the formula provide natural enzymes, banishing dry and dead skin cells for fresh skin. Honestly, as someone who has pretty sensitive skin, I am always wary of using a more active face mask. But, with this one, my skin is not only left refreshed but somehow always manages to make my complexion look radiant, no matter what condition its in!

Finally, there is the Mermaid Mask*, one of my original favorites from this gorgeous brand that has gained quite the cult following (#MermaidMondays anyone?). If you haven't noticed yet, my thoughts on Leahlani products have a strong emphasis on the dreamy scent, and this mask is no exception. In fact, I would go as far as saying this particular product has one of my favorite scents ever. The mix of spirulina, raw Hawaiian honey, chlorella and sea buckthorn combine to create a fragrance that just immediately takes me back to a tropical vacation, instantly putting a smile on my face! If there were a candle that could somehow recreate this scent, I would buy a dozen, honest. Anyways, scent aside, this formula already was, and continues to be, one of my favorite skincare masks. The super rich formula manages to leave my skin feeling hydrated, and also looking far less red after a mere fifteen minutes. While I might not post the #MermaidMondays selfie very often, I do use this mask each Monday as a start of the week pick-me-up. In fact, I am just getting to the end of my jar, meaning I will definitely be picking up another!

If you can't tell, I'm just a little bit in love with this brand! I already have my eye on several other products that I'm itching to try out, so my love affair won't be going away anytime soon. Have you guys tried anything from Leahlani before? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and what your favorite products are, in the comments below!

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