Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend Catch-Up #1

As you all might have noticed, things have been going through some quiet periods around these here parts of the web. A large part of that has been due a new job taking up a lot of my time, which has unfortunately put some of my blog writing on the back burner. That being said, I love writing everything here, and trying out and reviewing green beauty products has definitely become one of my top passions. And that's why I've chosen to start a "Weekend Catch-Up" series, highlighting some of my favorite bits and pieces at the end of the week in one big ol' post. So, let's get started, shall we?

Olivine Atelier Daily Love Cards*: Where do I even begin with these beauties? I am very much someone who believes in infusing my day with a little positivity to brighten my state of mind. This deck of 34-cards each come with a beautiful design, and an even more gorgeous message that will help inspire and ignite your creativity. From a card that says "Adventure", to one that says "Be Here Now", I have gotten a lot of enjoyment simply by pulling a card out of the deck in the morning and taking its message to heart. In fact, I have even gotten in the habit of putting one at my desk, or one on the fridge — anywhere that I know I'll see it later on once my day's gotten a bit more stressful, and the message is always able to put a smile on my face! I simply love Olivine Atelier, and these unique and creative cards have become a quick favorite of mine from the brand.

Hubalou Cleansing Cloth* and Makeup Remover*: Oddly enough, it has taken me years and years to discover the importance of a truly great face cloth. I'll totally admit that I used to use a (gasp!) regular ol' face towel to wash my face, but once I started using these gorgeous cleansing cloths from my favorite Hubalou, I can truly say I'm never going back! After falling in love with the brand's hair wrap (which I reviewed here) I shouldn't have been surprised that I'd enjoy their similarly high quality cleansing cloth. Made up entirely of bamboo-fiber, these cloths pair delightfully well with the brand's Makeup Remover*, which is made of beautiful avocado, coconut and lavender oils (among others). No matter what cleanser I use, I like to first dampen the cleansing cloth, and follow up with a pump or two of whichever formula I've chosen. This method has been working incredibly well, and my face is able to really feel squeaky clean without a dry, tight feeling.

True Botanicals Pacific Eye Serum*: As I've mentioned before (probably too many times), my dark under eyes circles have been the plague of my beauty routine for as long as I can remember. While they are genetic, and thus I have kind of given up on eliminating the darkness altogether, what I have really wanted to work on is taking care of the dryness, and thus ensuing fine lines in the area. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to never be able to find a concealer that sits rights, simply because the delicate skin under my eyes just can't seem to every been properly hydrated no matter what I do. All that being said, it seemed like a small miracle when the True Botanicals Pacific Eye Serum* came into my life. I have yet to try anything from this brand that I haven't fallen in love with, but I have to say that this formula might just be one of my favorites. This luxurious blend contains ingredients such as carrot seed oil, tuberose stem cells and camellia seed oil, all high-quality ingredients that I've come to expect from this fantastic brand. While I haven't noticed a difference in the darkness (something I didn't expect to see), I have noticed how hydrated it keeps my stubborn under eyes, with a thick, hydrating formula that still manages to absorb quite quickly. I've been using this dreamy product daily, and have barely made a dent, so I expect our love affair to last for quite some time...

Employing My Favorite Body Scrubs: These past few weeks I've seen a renewed love for body scrubs, a type of product I truly forgot how much I adored. I owe my gratitude to two star products for this renewed interest — the One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Polish* and Darphin Perfecting Body Scrub*. I reviewed the One Love Organics offering in more detail here, so I won't bore you with a repeat, but the Darphin selection is a newer pick. While the brand is not completely green, nor does it claim to be, I'll admit that I've been smitten with it nonetheless. The key ingredient here is apricot seeds, which are used to dredge away dry skin cells, leaving my body feeling particularly smooth and refreshed. Perhaps it's living in a warmer climate where I wear shorts on the daily, but a body scrub has become a must for me in my regular routine. Luckily for me, I've got these two gems to keep me smooth n' flake-free.

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