Friday, April 1, 2016

If You Wear One Product Today, Let it Be the Master Mixer

While more and more people hop on the matte-finish train, I am firmly holding down camp in my dewy skin obsession. Perhaps it's because my skin is naturally so dry, but for me, I just adore adding some serious shine and highlight, while still keeping it looking natural of course. For that reason, when it comes to picking one of my favorite makeup products of all time, ever since I've discovered it I've held the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer up at the top of my list. While I won't go into too much  of a love letter about it (I already did that here), I'll just say that this gorgeous, creamy product somehow manages to toe the line between giving a serious highlight to my complexion without ever making me look like a Twilight vampire cast-off. It's a perfect balance, and to this day I still adore it.

I say all of that so you can get an idea of just how excited I was when I heard about RMS Beauty's newest offering, their Master Mixer*. The formula is quite similar to the Living Luminizer (or, well, to all of RMS' offerings I suppose) in that it is creamy, super blendable and works while still looking natural. This particular product, however, is a rose gold tint, meaning it gives your skin a golden goddess glow. You can wear it alone or even mix it with other makeup products (as you might have gathered from its title) to add a rose gold sheen.

While I didn't think I could love anything quite as much as my beloved Living Luminizer, I'd be lying if I said that the Master Mixer wasn't giving it a run for the money. The rose gold shade is ultra-flattering, almost giving a sun-kissed glow without the bronze, if that makes any sense? In fact, I reach for this guy even on no-makeup days — it just brings a bit of color and life to my skin that I love.

Now, onto the price. While at first glance the price of $38 might seem a bit much, I can safely say that I've been using this daily for nearly two months now and have barely made a dent. So, basically, I think this little jar will last for quite some time!

Have you had a chance to try the Master Mixer yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have tried the Living Luminizer as well! I wouldn't say I have a favorite between the two, they both work fantastically, but I'd love to hear if you think differently!

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