Thursday, March 31, 2016

Treat Collection Part Deux

As you might all recall, my love for the polishes of Treat Collection started awhile back, the beginnings of which I recounted in a previous review. This stunning brand prides itself for having a more "gentle" formula of five-free nail polishes, while still coming in a variety of truly chic, fashionable shades that any polish-lover would be dying to get on their digits.

I already knew I loved how long-lasting and shiny this brand of nail lacquers was, but I was interested in checking out a few of their more spring-friendly shades, as all I had had up until that point were some darker, more cold-weather colors. So let's start from left to right, shall we?

First up is Blue Sky*, that stunner of a blue shade you will see pictured on the far left. I am an absolute sucker for anything blue, so I knew before even opening the bottle that it would be love at first sight. And, no shocker here — it was. The sky blue is an ideal shade for warm spring and summer days, adding a fun pop of pigment to your ten digits while still working with just about any color of clothing. While it might not be as show-stopping as, say, a neon shade, it's still a ridiculously fun color that makes me instantly happy upon application.

Next up is The Girls*, a color that the official site calls as a "muted plum", and I truly cannot think of a better way to describe it myself. While I typically lean towards more blue-tones, both in my clothing and polish choices, I'll admit that this shade of purple was simply calling my name. So I decided to break from my pattern, and I am so glad I did because this shade is incredible. While I love it for these warmer weather days, this super chic color could easily work in the fall, standing out as a gorgeous mani color without being overly dramatic. It just plain works, looking fashionable while still adding a fun color to your nails.

Finally, there's Fashion Week*, which can only be described as the perfect light gray. No matter what season it is, this is a polish you will want in your arsenal. Seriously, I don't think I've ever come across a shade of nail polish that's so simultaneously flattering, cool and timeless. While I've never really been one for blush or nude pink polishes on my fingers, I'll admit that there are days I want to wear something a little more subdued than my typical colorful nails. This is the color I turn to in those cases. It looks good with literally everything, and you can easily get away with wearing it year-round, because there's no season this won't work for. Far and away, this has been one of the best shades I've ever tried, and it's one I will absolutely be repurchasing when I run out. 

Have you guys tried anything from Treat Collection? What has been your favorite shade? I'd love to hear some recommendations in the comments below!


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