Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beauty Heroes March Box

As you all might have surmised from my previous posts on Beauty Heroes (which you can read both here and here), I am quite in love with this particular subscription box service. I mean, really though — for a monthly price you get to try out one full-size product, as well as a (often full-size, as well) second "sidekick" product. And each brand chosen has to go through such a rigorous set of rules before being chosen, so you know the products you're receiving are only made from the very best non-toxic ingredients. What else can I say? I adore it.

This month's "beauty hero" brand was SkinOwl, a brand I've both tried and loved in the past. I was pretty excited to try out this month's offerings, though, as they were both products from SkinOwl that I hadn't tried before. First up, let's start with the sidekick product, SkinOwl's Heroic Helichrysum Beauty Steam* (which has a retail value of $6). This one-time-use facial steam comes with a dried blend of yarrow, rose petals, helichrysum, cornflower, calendula petals, chamomile and French lavender, which you can use for a facial steam that leaves your complexion feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I have to be honest, before using this gem I had never used a facial steam (gasp, I know!). There's no particular reason why, I suppose I'd just never gotten the chance to use one. Well, after using this, I can certainly call myself a facial steam convert. Not only did my skin feel better, but my mind was instantly relaxed, and I just felt like I was in a spa-like setting, even in my (currently messy) home. It's magical and, while I might not have shelled out the dough for this before, I'm almost inclined to now, if only for special occasions.

The real star of the show, however, is the hero of the box — a full size of the brand's Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM* (which has a retail value of $85). I have actually been itching to get my hands on this product for some time after reading rave review after rave review, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it upon opening my Beauty Heroes box. This generously sized oil (2 fluid ounces!) contains cold-pressed Baobab and Mangosteen oils, two ingredients that I've never seen in any of my previous facial oils. The great part of having just two ingredients, though? It means those ingredients are particularly potent, and my skin just soaked them in. The brand claims these oils are suitable for all skin types, helping to calm inflammation as well as soothe and clear acne, leaving you with a particularly vibrant complexion. So, did it work? After a few weeks of using this at night, my answer is a resounding yes! With all the stress of these past few weeks, the state of my skin has been less than spectacular. I've been having breakouts, dryness, blemishes...just about everything that can go wrong with stressed out skin. Using this at night has greatly helped balance my complexion, giving it the hydration it needs while still allowing it to breathe. The result is far more soothed skin at is much less stressed looking. It's definitely a night-time oil I'd recommend to all, and I consider it a straight up steal that it's included in a box that costs $39, when the full-size alone usually will set you back $85.

Have you tried Beauty Heroes yet? Sign up by March 20th to receive their March box, featuring these SkinOwl beauties. I truly couldn't recommend it more!

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