Monday, February 8, 2016

Keeping Your Skin (and Body) Healthy With Hum Nutrition

First off, let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates lately. I just made a big move to the Southeast (yay tropical weather!) and things have been understandably crazy. That said, now that we're officially moved into a new place, I'm getting back into the swing of things and should be updating here far more regularly. Now, onto the topic at hand!

I've been a fan of health supplements since long before I got into green beauty, but, that being said, I have discovered a ton of awesome brands since I made the switch. One such brand is Hum Nutrition, a line of supplemental products with a bit of a beauty spin. I first noticed the line being sold in Sephora and my interest was immediately piqued — as silly as it sounds, the gorgeous packaging and awesome intentions of each product really called to me. So when I was given the chance to try a few pieces out, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

Most (to, perhaps, all) of Hum's products offer a 30-day supply of capsules, so I decided to try out each in their entirety before sharing my thoughts. First up let's talk about the line's Big Chill*, a supplement that (when taken once a day) employs Rhodiola rosea root extract to help cope with symptoms of stress. I should start off by saying that I actually suffer from an anxiety disorder, so, as a overall totally anxious person, I knew before starting that this was not going to be some end-all cure to my anxiety. That being said, taking this over the course of a month, I did really notice a change in my stress level and ability to stay more focused and calm. It's a subtle change, but it was one I noticed in the week after I ran out of my initial supply, which is why I've already repurchased a pack of this for myself. It definitely does promote an almost "inner peace", if that makes any sense. In no way will it help cure anxiety or severe stress, but it does offer a natural supplement to help ease your mind a bit, which is all that I could have really asked for.

Next up is the more beauty (and health) oriented OMG! Omega the Great*, a super high-quality fish oil. First off, let me say that this fish oil doesn't cause that fishy odor that so many fish oils produce — so major plus there! The package comes with 60 huge capsules, a 30 day supply since you're supposed to take two a day. While I have no problem swallowing pills, I will say that these are gigantic, so if you have trouble with larger pills you should definitely take note of that. Anyways, this stuff is really high quality fish oil, and I saw visible results on my skin within about two weeks. Fish oil is not only known for keeping your heart healthy, but also for really keeping your skin healthy and looking great. Within two weeks I noticed my skin was looking a whole lot brighter, and also had cleared up a lot of skin congestion I had been dealing with. Other than this supplement, I really hadn't changed my routine too much, so I definitely attribute the results to this guy right here. While I have yet to repurchase it, after a few weeks without it I think I'm going to need to — it's just that good.

Have you guys tried anything from Hum Nutrition? I've already repurchased the Big Chill and am trying out their Wing Man supplement for dark circles as well, so I'd love to hear any recommendations!

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  1. Interesting supplement. Recently started taking normal multi vitamins with iron as to counteract my little consumption in meat. Never seen your supplement..


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