Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm

If you've been following me on Instagram, chances are you've gotten a peak at the new blue beauty balm that's stolen my heart. That's right, folks, I've added another blue balm to my skincare family (a sad sounding phrase I immediately regret typing). Right now I've got May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon for a fab lip and eye treatment, Mahalo's Rare Indigo Balm* for a full face moisturizer, and my newest addition, the lovely Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm*.

After having had a wonderful experience with Sunday Riley's other big blue product (their fab Luna Sleeping Night Oil), my interest was immediately piqued after learning of this new release. The balm comes in a beautiful light blue shade, combining ingredients such as blue tansy, cocoa butter, mooring butter, chamomile and sweet orange. As the name might suggest, it comes in the form of a solid balm, which easily turns to a soothing oil-like consistency when combined with the warmth of your fingers.

This gentle cleanser is strong enough to remove makeup and impurities, but my personal favorite way to use it is as a morning cleanse. Since I have naturally dry skin (which is exasperated times million in winter weather), I love to start off the morning with a cleanse that also adds a bit of hydration to my complexion, making this an ideal pick. All you need is a small, dime-sized amount for your entire face, which quickly melts to purify and hydrate my skin. After I've throughly rubbed it onto my entire face, I remove it with a little warm water and a Hubalou Cleansing Cloth*, and my skin immediately feels soothed and smoothed.

For extra dry skin, the balm can even be used as a mask—simply apply a little extra and leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes, removing with a warm cloth. While I can't say I've tried this just yet, with the current state of my skin (red, dry and irritated) I might need to give it a go.

Between the luxurious consistency, dreamy scent, and soothing results, there's honestly nothing not to love about this gem. It's one I'd recommend for anyone looking to try a super hydrating cleanser, or even someone with sensitive skin that demands a little soothing. It's definitely a pricier pick at $50, but with how much product you get (3.4 oz.) and the small amount you need per application, it will absolutely last you a decent amount of time.

So I guess it looks like my blue balm collection is still going strong...and, honestly, I've yet to be disappointed.


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  1. I just read about this product somewhere else with another glowing review!! It is definitely on the pricier side but I'm always willing to spend a little extra on skin care! I'll have to pick this up :)


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