Monday, January 25, 2016

Florescent Sundays

I am super picky when it comes to scents — it has to be a little floral and a little musky without being cloying or fading away instantly. Oh, and I would prefer it's natural. Is that asking too much? Well, believe it or not, this picky fragrance lover has found a scent that truly works for her. I've been using the Florescent Sundays Perfume* on a daily basis for several weeks now, and I can happily say it's a fragrance I've yet to tire of — in fact, I'm still very much in love.

With notes of jasmine sambac, ginger lily, sandalwood and frankincense, I had a good feeling I would like this before I even was able to smell it. It's just the right combination of floral and wood-y to me, a scent that genuinely just makes me happy whenever I get a whiff of it. It also has just the right amount of strength that I can still smell it on my wrists long into the day, but even at its strongest it never becomes headache-inducing. Instead it's a truly pleasant aroma that I am almost always complimented on when wearing. That in itself should be a testamant to how great this fragrance is!

To top it all off, Florescent Perfumes are made with organic grape alcohol, combined with essential oils, absolutes and C02 extracts, so this sensitive-skinned gal can use it without any irritation. The line currently sells a few different scents, and it's absolutely one I'd recommend checking out for my fellow green beauty lovers. Everything is handmade in small batches by the very talented Susannah Compton, whose expertise in botanical fragrances really shows with her creations.

What's your favorite green beauty fragrance?


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