Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cold Weather Sunscreens

Growing up, my mother always stressed the importance of sunscreen. She had grown up without realizing the importance of it, so I think she really wanted to instill in me just how essential it is to protect your skin from the sun. Of course, as a bratty teen I decided to just do the opposite, which ended with me looking like a lobster 9 out of 10 tens I was in direct sunlight.

Now that I'm older I've gotten a little wiser (a.k.a less stupid) and have become pretty strict with my sunscreen application. I try to make sure that I wear it year round, in some form or another, so that I can protect my complexion and make up for the mistakes of my youth. But while I have an array of different tinted moisturizers and BB creams I wear during the summer that contain sunblock, during the winter I always have to change up my routine for something a little more nourishing.

My two favorites for this time of year are, hands down, the incredibly hydrating Josh Rosebrook Day Cream* and HANA Organics Everyday Creme*. Both moisturizing formulas act as a day cream and sunscreen in one, providing UVA/UVB protection with the use of non-nano zinc oxide (SPF 30 for the Josh Rosebrook and SPF 15 for HANA).

The Josh Rosebrook Day Cream* is the un-tinted version of my beloved Josh Rosebrook Tinted Day Cream*, perhaps my favorite summer time base. The formula contains soothing ingredients such as shea butter, aloe juice, calendula and a plethora of beautiful essential oils. I find it pretty moisturizing and super lightweight, with a semi-matte finish that makes it perfect for wearing underneath a foundation.

When I need an extra boost of hydration, though, I opt for the HANA Organics Everyday Creme*, a moisture-packed formula that any dry-skinned gal would appreciate. With calendula, cocoa butter, aloe vera and rosehip, it should come as no surprise that this cream can kick dry skin's ass. On particularly cold days this is my go-to, as I find that it leaves my skin feeling totally quenched even with the most biting of wind. During the summertime this particular choice might be a bit heavy for my skin, but during this time of year I couldn't ask for anything better.

What's your favorite form of sunscreen during the winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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