Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bringing Out the Big Guns: Verso #7

Alright guys, it's happened. I've fallen off the wagon a bit. Well, more like I have a hand out the wagon window. Anyways I have given in to a product from a brand that, no matter how hard I try, I just can't quit. It's Verso Skincare and, if you've been a long-time reader of this here blog, you'll probably remember my absolute adoration for the brand. So let's get this out of the way first - this is not a green beauty brand. While it employs natural, skin-loving ingredients, it does also use Retinol 8 (its own supercharged version of Retinol) in all of its products, which work to give your skin a full revamp without the usual side effects of a Retinol-based product.

I've been using the brand's latest edition, their Super Facial Oil*, for about a month now and I'm about ready to share my thoughts. I should start off by saying that when I first got this, my skin was going through a bit of a freak out. It seemed to coincide with the start of the very cold weather, but my skin became dry, raw and just plain uncomfortable to the touch. I was genuinely worried of what a Retinol-based product would do to my skin, but I trusted the brand's formulas after being unbelievably impressed with their Super Eye Serum earlier this year. The Super Facial Oil* contains, on top of the Retinol 8, a mixture of sunflower oil, canola oil, and vitamin E, making this a potent but hydrating concoction.

My skin might have been reeling at the time, but just a few nights spent patting a bit of this cleared up my complexion easily. The formula is pretty lightweight, so I like to spritz a bit of this on before bed and layer it underneath something a little more hydrating. Every night I've used this, though, I've woken up to a far brighter, less red face, and that alone has made me a big fan.

Because Retinol is a photo-sensitive substance, the packaging for this guy is actually very unique. The package contains four 0.25 oz spray vials, along with a larger black vial case (as seen above), which comes apart with a magnetic cap. In order to not expose the formula to any air or light, you can put the vial you're using inside the case, and replace it once it's done with the next vial. I personally adore how much thought clearly went into the making of this, and I really enjoy how travel-friendly and safe I know that the glass vial is at all times within the case.

Have you ever tried anything from Verso Skincare  I know some might not love the idea of it because it's not completely natural, but I have to admit I've had nothing but great results from it. Perhaps I'll just have to label it as my cheat brand...

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