Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vapour Organics

There must be something in the air this season, because these past few weeks I have been having the best time at discovering green makeup brands that I adore. Last week I talked a little bit about my first experience with W3ll People, and today I want to share my thoughts with my first taste of another brand that's been super popular in the green blogging community - the gorgeous Vapour Organics. The brand seeks to create beautiful skin without the compromise of toxic ingredients, a promise they more then perform on with their offerings.

I've been trying out three different pieces from the brand, but let's start out with the colors. First up is the Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss*, which I have in the shade Entice, a sheer, cool plum. The formula for this is packed with awesome skin-loving oils, such as jojoba, apricot, sunflower and castor, which make it an entirely pleasant experience to wear. I've always preferred glosses and tinted balms for my lip color, because of my eternally chapped lips, and this gem performs flawlessly, giving a sheer wash of color with an added bonus of moisture. As for the color, this is such a fun one to wear on these colder (almost) winter days. 'Tis the season for cooler colors, and this is an especially great hue to rock for daily wear.

And speaking of gorgeous colors, I've been using the Aura Multi-Use Blush* in Courtesan (described as a "classic rose") as part of my daily rotation for weeks now. The formula is creamy and super easy to blend into your cheeks (or lips, if you so desire), and the color is honestly to die for. A pink-y rose, this is the hue to try for that "flushed cheeks" glow that has become associated with colder weather. When I go outside during this season, I usually end up with a not-so-sexy runny nose and just plain ruddy looking cheeks, and this color gives that lit-from-within glow that I will (sadly) never be able to achieve naturally. It's a definite winner, and the brilliant formula has me itching to try out a different shade sometime soon.

As much as I love both colors, I'm saving the best of the three for last. After finding my beloved Gressa Minimalist Foundation, I was certain that I'd never need another foundation again - until I tried out Vapour's Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation*. I use this luminous liquid formula in the shade S100 and, once buffed into the skin, it leaves the most glowing, natural finish imaginable. I would describe it as a similar satin-matte finish to Gressa's offering, but with a bit less coverage and a bit more hydration. With ingredients such as camellia seed oil, frankincense, castor seed oil and myrrh oil, this foundation (like Gressa's) packs a serious punch of skincare benefits, on top of cosmetic. Both foundations are fantastic, but on drier skin days I'll admit that I've been falling more and more in love with the natural finish of Vapour's option each time I wear it.

Have you tried anything from Vapour Organics before? I have been so impressed with the brand and am already planning repurchases (I'm looking at you, foundation) when I run out. I'd love to hear all of your favorites though, because I may or may not be adding some of the line to my Christmas wish list.


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