Monday, December 7, 2015

Artis Brushes

As my beauty collection has grown and grown, there's one important aspect of my routine that I've been seriously lacking with - brushes. Yup, I'm ashamed to admit that with my extensive beauty addiction, up until recently I had (tops) four brushes at my disposal. It sounds so silly, but I suppose I was just commitment-phobic when it came to brushes, which is why the majority of what I had in my arsenal was dirt cheap.

Recently I came to the realization that this just had to stop. As someone whose job and (hopefully) career path has a lot to do with beauty, it seemed a waste of quality products that I wouldn't just invest in some great brushes to go along with it. Because, the way I see it, that's what brushes are - a great investment. Yes, they're supposed to be pricey, but they're also really supposed to perform well and, above all, last.

So when I started seeing them as an investment, I really did my research to find the best out there - and that's how I stumbled across Artis Brushes. Now, as you'll notice above, these are some really interesting brushes. They're actually supposed to be held like a pencil (!) and, with their uber-dense bristles they're meant for the most airbrushed finish available. I've personally been using several brushes from the brand, including their Oval 8, as well as the five found in their new Elite Mirror 5 Brush Set*. The set includes the Oval 4 (for shadow or concealer), Linear 1 (for eyeliner or brows), Circle 1 (for lipstick or spot concealing), Oval 3 (for concealer or eyeshadow blending) and Oval 6 (for foundation, concealer, contouring, etc.).

Each brush has multiple uses, but what they do all have it common are the same dense, cruelty-free bristles. This is what really sets it apart from other brushes - these dense bristles don't soak up the product, but instead flawlessly apply it to your face so you have a truly airbrushed finish. I use the Oval 8 brush (not included with this particular set) for my foundation, and am literally finished after about three swipes - it's that quick and thorough. For concealer, I simply buff in a bit using the Oval 3, and follow up bronzing and blush with the Oval 6. Using only these brushes, I've cut down my makeup application time by half, which is amazing.

Overall, I couldn't be more in love with my new Artis Brushes, they have absolutely changed my makeup routine for the better. In fact, if you (or a friend!) were looking for a great beauty-related holiday gift, this luxurious set would probably be one of my first suggestions. There are so many different ways to use each one, and they're honestly the first brushes I've come across that really up your makeup game.

Have you guys tried any Artis Brushes before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on these unique tools!

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