Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It only took one glance to immediately fall in love with Apotheke. Yes, even before trying out this handmade line of natural products from Brooklyn, I was already infatuated. While this might not sound like the most logical start to a skincare love affair, in this case it actually led to truly great things. You see, even though I adored the aesthetics and packaging of this beautiful line, those feelings grew exponentially upon trying two of their products out for myself.

Daily Face Serum*
Simplicity is key with this brand which, I believe, is a big reason it works for such a variety of skin types. Just one example of this is their wonderful Daily Face Serum*, a blend of squalane and grape seed oils, infused with orchid and evening primrose. I've become pretty familiar with what components of a facial oil will or will not work with my skin at this point, so I knew before even trying this that the combination of squalane and grape seed oils would be a hit.

Both oils are super absorbent and lightweight, but pack quite the hydrating punch, making them must haves for my dry yet blemish prone skin. As expected, this serum works fabulously as a lightweight moisturizer that sits very well underneath makeup. While it absorbs easily, it still moisturizes wonderfully, even quenching the thirst of my consistently dehydrated skin. For oilier skin types looking to try a more basic serum, I truly couldn't recommend this one enough. It doesn't contain any common irritants, but instead has a fuss-free formula that will most likely play well with even the most temperamental of skins. It's truly a winner for the brand.

Ensole Shea Butter Cream*
Say hello to my favorite body cream. Ever. Seriously. With notes of mimosa, jasmine and vanilla, blended within a rich shea butter cream, it should be obvious why I love this guy so much. The scent is beyond dreamy, with three of my favorite notes blended together beautifully, and the shea butter is nourishing without leaving behind a greasy mess.

If all that weren't enough, it's packaged inside a stunning tin, which not only looks gorgeous but also makes it the most travel friendly body product I've ever owned. Basically, this is one of those products that, upon first use, I immediately wondered - where has this been all my life? For my cold weather ravished skin, this lovely formula has been a miracle worker, and one I don't plan to be without ever again.

Have you guys tried anything from Apotheke? They're currently having an awesome sale over on their main site, so if you'd like to try the line for yourself there's truly no better time than now.


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