Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ursa Major's Citrus Riot Body Wash

I first started using Ursa Major products awhile back and, if you haven't read my previous Ursa Major review, spoiler alert - it's fantastic. So when I heard they were going to be releasing some new body care products, including a body wash, I was really excited. Their new Citrus Riot Body Wash* just launched this past week and, after trying out the travel size of it for about a month, I'm excited to share my thoughts on it.

The all-natural wash comes with a scent of citrus, ginger, vetiver, cedar and fir, a refreshing aroma that provides the best way to really wake you up in the morning. Like all Ursa Major products the scent is more on the unisex side, with a fresh fragrance that always feels woodsy and natural. Aside from the scent, the formula itself is incredibly concentrated and cleansing, made with 100% organic ingredients that work to effectively remove oil and grime without drying out your skin.

Oddly enough, body washes have always been something I've always been particularly picky with (hence my loyalty to the very basic Dr. Bronner soaps), so I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed everything about this one. I felt like it deeply cleaned without drying out my skin, or leaving behind any kind of unpleasant film. It performs really well and, with such fantastic ingredients, I have nothing but positive things to say about it.

Have you guys tried anything from Ursa Major before? I've been so happy to be see this brand getting a lot of love lately, it's very well deserved!

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