Sunday, November 15, 2015

True Nature Botanicals' Noble Woods Solid Perfume

I tend to be pretty picky with fragrances, a fact I've only recently realized about myself. I like a scent that's strong, but not too strong. Floral, but not too floral. Something I like but that my boyfriend doesn't loathe (though this one doesn't matter so much - whoops, sorry Jake!). Anyways, suffice it to say my library of fragrances has been pitifully small up until this point. But when I switched to green beauty a funny thing happened - I started finding scents I loved that fit all my criteria. Perhaps it's because they're made with more pure essential oils, or maybe I'm just lucking out, but either way I've hit some real home runs lately with perfumes.

My latest discovery comes from a brand that just keeps hitting it out of the park for me (see here, here and here) - True Nature Botanicals. The brand offers three different solid perfumes, which each come in a (refillable) gorgeous compact. Out of the three, the scent I chose is Noble Woods*, and it turns out I couldn't have picked any better - this perfume is stunning. The three main notes are vetiver, amber and labdanum, supposedly drawing inspiration from forests on the Pacific coast. This scent is warm and cozy, with a wood-y and masculine edge to I personally love. It also has a longevity unlike any other perfume I've ever used. I dab just a bit of it on the inside of my wrists and behind my ears and I get whiffs of the gorgeous blend for hours before needing to reapply. The great thing about it being a solid perfume is it warms up on your body, so you can smell it throughout the day without it every being overwhelming.

All in all I have been more then impressed with this stunning perfume. True Nature Botanicals can do no wrong in my book, and their fragrances are yet another product I'll be sure to repurchase in the future.


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