Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sample Saturday: Strange Invisible Perfumes

This past year I have truly gained a new love for trying out fragrances. I don't know if it's because of the switch over to green beauty, where the fragrances are more pure and kind of gorgeous, but I have probably tried out more scents for myself in this past year alone then any other time of my life.

One of my recent discoveries has been Strange Invisible Perfumes, a line of botanical perfumes expertly crafted by the lovely Alexandra Balahoutis. Each unique scent is formulated with organic, wildcrafted ingredients that really bring an extra level of interest to each beautiful fragrance. I've been testing out two from the line, their Aquarian Rose* as well as their Cancer* perfume which is a part of their Zodiac collection.

Aquarian Rose* comprises notes of hydro-distilled rose, orange, marjoram and sandalwood for a truly bright and cheery aroma. My biggest impression from this beauty is just how fresh the rose scent is. Honestly I've never come across a fragrance that features roses without smelling just a hint of synthetic, but because of their organic ingredients it's really evident just how pure the rose scent is within this. I think it would make a wonderful fragrance for warm spring or summer days, especially.

I chose the Cancer* perfume from their Zodiac collection because, as you might have guessed, that's my sign. The sign is described as being "the levelheaded bohemian" which, I'd like to think of myself as, but I'm far too high-strung and anxious on a daily basis to really acknowledge myself as levelheaded. Anyways the scent is made up of mandarin, patchouli, lily of the valley, Tahitian vanilla, amber and leather, supposedly to make the sign feel "right at home". And while the "levelheaded bohemian" might not be an accurate description of me, this scent fits me to a T. It's almost hard to describe in words just how gorgeous this scent is, but it effortlessly mixes musky, fruit and floral together for a fragrance that's beautiful without ever feeling overwhelming. It seems like it was made just for me and I'm dying to get the full size for myself to wear on a more frequent basis.

Have you guys tried anything from Strange Invisible Perfumes? I'd love to hear your favorites! Be sure to follow this gorgeous brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all their latest. 

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