Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sample Saturday: Lurk Perfume

I professed my love for the wonderful perfumes of Lurk in this post awhile back, and I was so psyched to see that the brand came out with two new perfumes this past fall. I honestly didn't know if they could compete with some of my favorites I had gained this past summer (TRN V4 in particular has gotten a lot of use from me, and I'm still dying to buy the full size) but, once again, Lurk has hit it out of the park with their newest additions. 

First up is PRM 016*, described as a androgynous blend of myrrh and lush florals. I personally love scents that can be floral without being overwhelmingly so, and this fragrance manages to never cross that line. I love the scent of myrrh (the Diptyque Myrrh candle is a favorite of mine) so I really do enjoy this scent as a kind of unique perfume to try on a night out.

My favorite of this two, though, has to be OM 011*, a scent that mixes sandalwood, jasmine and lotus blossom for a seriously vibrant aroma. Anything with jasmine is guaranteed to steal my heart, and it works wonderfully in unison with the more subtle sandalwood and lotus blossom. Again, it's floral without being too floral, something Lurk knows how to do so well. It's another gorgeous, unique fragrance from the line and is right up there with TRN V4 as a definite favorite of mine.

Have you guys tried anything from Lurk before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this green fragrance line! Right now they're actually holding a 25% off launch sale (through 11/21) online when you use the code LURKLAUNCH. And be sure to keep up with their newest scents by checking out their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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