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The Magic of May Lindstrom

Boy, this is a review that has been a long time in the making. I think it was around two years ago that I first got a glimpse of the beautiful May Lindstrom brand of products. I distinctly remember seeing one of her products on a favorite blog of mine, and being stunned at the gorgeous packaging and impressive list of ingredients. When I caught sight of the price tag, however, my awe quickly turned to shock and I shelved away my desire to try the mythical brand. Since then, my curiosity obsession with the brand has only grown, even though I had never tried a single product for myself. I began seeing the line more and more, and my desire to try one - just one - product of the bunch overtook the strength of my purse strings (which, let's face it, weren't too tight to begin with). I just had to know if the brand was as magical as it was portrayed in each and every review.

Well, folks - I'm here to tell you that the magic is real. For over a month now I've been using May's beautiful The Clean Dirt, along with travel-sizes of all her other goodies, and  I'm finally ready to share my honest thoughts. I suppose I should start with The Clean Dirt, since that's the only full-size of my (currently growing) collection. Coming in a ginormous glass bottle, this is a powder cleanser that can be activated into a mousse-like formula with the addition of a few drops of water. With an impressive list of ingredients that includes calendula, white halloysite clay, cinnamon, tumeric and clove, I felt like this was a safe bet for a product to ease my way in to the luxurious line. The experience of using this is incredibly elegant and relaxing, a common theme I found throughout the entirety of the brand.

As beautiful as the formula is, I unfortunately I have to admit that it's a bit much for my sensitive skin. While it didn't cause any breakouts or hives (both common side effects of my skin's irritation) it did leave my skin feeling a bit more vulnerable and sensitive than normal. I can definitely get away with doing this once a week, which does help get my complexion glowing, but more then that can be a bit much for me. Unfortunately the same problem came up with The Clean Dirt's "big sister", the absolute cult-favorite The Problem Solver. This mask is everywhere in the green beauty world, hailed as the be-all, end-all mask for acne-prone skin. I've used it twice in the past month and, while each time my skin looked great, I definitely couldn't do more then that without pissing off my face. Both products left me looking great, but definitely caused a bit more sensitivity then I like, which has made them "special occasion" products only.

All that being said, my skin is especially picky, especially during the winter time, so if you have normal skin you might adore this, as many, many others do. Some of my favorite bloggers have called both of these products life-savers, so they're definitely ones I'm glad I've tried. I'm curious to try each out again in the summer, when my skin becomes a lot less dry and a whole lot more acne-prone. Since they're both powder formulas, I know they won't be going anywhere!

So I got my more meh-reactions out of the way, and now its onto the products I had to stop myself from running out and buying a full size of. Let's start with The Youth Dew and The Good Stuff, two pure, rich oils that are meant for the face and body, respectively. Both of these oils will leave your skin simply radiant, I'm talking that lit-from-within glow that you only thought was possible in the movies. The Good Stuff uses a hydrating base of jojoba and macadamia nut oils, combined with mica (for a bit of shine) and essential oils of rose, cocoa and lavender for a whole body experience unlike anything else. I have been savoring every last drop of this generous formula (even though you really don't need much, even for your whole body) because of its enticing scent and how wonderful it makes my skin feel. Similarly, The Youth Dew is quite the treat for my complexion, using a plethora of unbelievably great skincare ingredients (sea buckthorn, meadow foam and rosehip oils, just to name a few) to give your skin the ultimate treat. For such a heavy amount of oils, I find that this formula actually absorbs quite quickly, blending easily so it only takes a few drops to fully nourish my entire face.

Before using this wonderful facial oil, I like to prepare my skin with The Jasmine Garden, a hydrating toner that might have one of my favorite fragrances ever (seriously, I would buy a perfume of it). This so-called "botanical mist" has become a favorite of mine for prepping my skin for a serum, helping to not only create a foundation of moisture and anti-bacterial properties, but also creating a relaxing aromatic experience. Jasmine, chocolate and vanilla are the main notes behind the scent of this beauty, but the power of the formula really comes from the witch hazel, silver and jasmine. These ingredients fight redness and inflammation, calming your skin and mind simultaneously whenever you spray a bit. While I don't find the formula particularly hydrating, I have noticed that a few spritzes of this on cleansed skin has infinitely helped to calm my irritated skin, which is why I actually went ahead and ordered a full-size of this dreamy gem.

Then there's The Blue Cocoon, a jam-packed beauty balm chockfull of unbelievable ingredients such as blue tansy oil, camellia seed oil and marula oil. This balm is thick, but immediately turns into a cocoa-scented oil one warmed up with your skin. I know people who slather themselves in this dreamy formula, and I honestly can't blame them - it's uber-luxurious and the littlest bit goes the longest way. I've personally been using it as a spot treatment at night, and also in combination with my concealer during the day (a technique I'll touch further upon in an upcoming post) and I've barely made a dent in my small sample. I'm dying to get my hands on the full size and, if I do, I have on doubt it'll last me over a year with daily use.

You still with me? Well, believe it or not, I've saved my favorite for last, an honor I have to hand over to The Honey Mud. This elegant blend contains a mixture of (among others) raw honey, white halloysite clay and colloidal silver, a formula that can be used both as a hydrating cleansing silk and a purifying mask. I honestly can't speak too much for its cleansing abilities, because I have been using this solely as a mask, which is works fantastically as. Unlike many honey-based masks, this particular one has an almost pudding-like consistency, making it super easy to blend on dry skin. As a mask, you're supposed to put a generous layer on your whole face for about an hour before removing, but the experience is so delightful and relaxing that I'll admit to leaving it on for far longer. I honestly don't know if I can do justice in explaining just how great this mask is - it is far and away the best face mask I have ever used. As someone with dry-yet-acne-prone skin, it's hard for me to use a clarifying mask without problems. This mask, however, uses both moisturizing and antibacterial properties, allowing me to detox my complexion while still soaking in much needed hydration. It leaves my skin so happy that I some times feel like this little jar of magic was made just for me and my super strange skin type. I have to stop myself from using this every day, though its so gentle that I doubt it would have any ill-effect for me.

Have any of you tried this beautiful brand before? I know people have a lot of thoughts on it (from this novel of a review, you can bet I sure do) and I've love to hear your's!


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  1. I received a sample of the Honey Mud and love it! My skin broke out horribly due to a reaction from another product line, so I took the Honey Mud and used it as a spot treatment for an entire night. I woke up the next morning and my skin was 99% corrected. Needless to say I'm asking Santa for the magic Honey Mud to appear under my tree this year.


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