Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Onomie Duo

As a beauty blogger, it can be really easy to get sucked into hype. I can't tell you how many times I've tried out products that I've heard numerous rave reviews for only to be left disappointed. That said, when something does live up to the hype (and it does happen) it can be a truly magical thing. This is just what happened when I tried out Onomie, a new brand consisting of two products that are meant as a true skincare/makeup hybrid.

Now let me just start off by disclaiming that these products are not all natural. All the ingredients are very low on the EWG scale, but I do just want to put that fact out there. But with that out of the way, let's talk a little more about this beautiful line. It was created by skincare guru Lauren Hoffman in partnership with entrepreneur Kal Vapuri, who helped fund direct-to-consumer businesses such as Warby Parker and Reformation. The two brought their respective talents together to create this truly innovative brand, which is sold exclusively through their website.

The brands products consist of their A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatment* as well as their Bright Concentrating Elixir*, two skincare infused products that help brighten eyes both immediately and overtime. What really sets this brand apart from others is the fact that they let you sample these products before committing to the full size. For $4 they'll ship you samples of three of their concealer shades, as well as one of their two eye treatments, so that you can best determine which works for you. When you find the one you love you can order the full size and have the $4 sample price deducted from your purchase - how cool is that? It really brings a new level of customer support to the beauty industry and I for one love it.

Now onto how the products actually work. Let's start with their A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatmentwhich I have in the shade Lovelace, a pink pearlescent shade that's best for fair skin. With 10% vitamin C, this lightweight mousse-y formula really picks up the light wonderfully. While it's meant for underneath the eyes (and I do tend to put a dab on the inner corner of my eyes for a more awake look) I sometimes swipe a little on my cheekbones to catch the light a bit, and I find that the bendable formula works wonderfully for that.

While I adore the illuminator the real star product for me has been their incredible Bright Concentrating Elixir*. I have this in two shades, shade 1 Trotula and shade 2 Cavendish. Trotula is a neutral shade intended for fair skin while Cavendish has yellowish undertones suitable for light skin. While I can definitely get away with wearing Cavendish I have to say I prefer Trotula. The neutral shade really helps in canceling out any darkness and significantly brightens up the area, making it a perfect match for my skin. I always prep my skin with a super hydrating balm or cream before using this because it isn't particularly moisturizing in and of itself, but once the area has been sufficiently hydrated I find this applies perfectly using just the tiniest bit blended out with my ring finger. What's so wonderful about this formula is that it not only covers up your dark circles but actually helps improve them over time, thanks to ingredients such as alfalfa extract, caffeine and vitamins C and E. While I usually would roll my eyes at this claim, after several weeks of use I have noticed the fine lines around my lines are visibly reduced, and I definitely would give partial credit of that to my daily use of this dreamy product. It's one I'd definitely recommend if you're in the market for a great concealer at a moderate price, with the option of sampling the shades beforehand!

Have you guys tried anything from Onomie yet? Keep up with all their latest through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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