Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finding Balance with Josh Rosebrook

Frequent visitors to this here blog might recall my previous review of the Balance Shampoo*, where I raved about the most recent gorgeous addition to the Josh Rosebrook line. Well when I first reviewed it I had never tried it's beautiful companion, the Balance Conditioner*, a product which I have since tried and tested out a bit. So I'd like to take this post as a bit of an add-on to my previous review, in order to share my thoughts on the most recent addition to my haircare routine.

Josh's Balance Shampoo* is intended for normal to scalps, and his Balance Conditioner* is aimed at the same audience. The conditioner uses pure plant oils and active herbal infusion to soften your hair and increase volume. Specifically, the formula uses aloe vera and rich fatty acids to seal in moisture while smoothing, protecting and adding shine to the hair shaft, scalp and follice. Quite the list of promises - so how does it perform? Well when I first tried out the shampoo I was certain that no conditioner was needed - while it didn't weigh my hair down, I was afraid that the rich formula would not pair well with a conditioner of any sort. I'm happy to say that I was totally wrong, and the matching conditioner pairs wonderfully with it.

The conditioner is superbly lightweight and, when applied to just the ends of my hair, I end up with a perfectly balanced scalp and shiny, hydrated hair. The two are like ying and yang, balancing each other out and working amazingly together to give your hair not only balance but hydration and shine. My hair never feels heavy after using both but, instead, I find that the conditioner actually improves upon the condition.

Have you guys tried either of Josh Rosebrook's new haircare additions yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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