Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dead Skin Be Gone

Growing up I truly thought the only way to get rid of dry skin was a rough scrub. When I needed some exfoliation I usually picked up a $5 option from the local drugstore and went to town attempting to smooth out my face. Years later, knowing what I know now, I have no idea what I was thinking. The rough scrubs usually left my skin red and reeling, leading to more and more problems and sensitivity. While I still have lots of problems with dry skin to this day, I have luckily discovered far more successful solutions to it.

Right now there are three main products I use to really exfoliate dry skin - a mask, a (gentle) scrub and a treatment. I rotate through the three products throughout the week and can honestly say my problematic dry spots and patches have become far fewer since I incorporated the three.

Every couple of days I use the Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Face Mask, an all-natural AHA (from fruit enzymes) and BHA (from Willow Bark) infused formula that gently get rid of dry skin. If the bright blue hue of this gorgeous gem wasn't enough, the results certainly are. What I love so much about this mask is that, while it is a powerful exfoliant, it is also incredibly soothing at the same time. A large part of that has to do with the inclusion of blue tansy oil, an ingredient that not only gives it a beautiful blue color but also provides anti-inflammatory properties to prevent any irritation or redness. Alex and Julia, the founders behind Herbivore, are absolute geniuses when it comes to their products, and the carefully chosen formula of this mask is a testament to that.

Alternating on days that I use the face mask, I also get a lot of use out of the MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub. I received this very generously sized sample in my Petit Vour box a month or two ago and I can honestly say it's the best product I've ever gotten. I get so much use from it and my skin absolutely adores it, and with the large tube I received I don't think I'll need to repurchase it for awhile. This formula uses fruit enzymes (just like the Herbivore mask) combined with jojoba beads to gently and naturally exfoliate your skin. I usually like applying this about ten minutes before a shower, rubbing it into my skin and then letting it sit for about five minutes to really get to work. After rinsing in the shower my face always feels so much smoother and more refreshed, without any irritation at all.

Finally, for a treatment I use the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst most nights as a natural retinoid substitute. I have always been a pretty big fan of Retinol, but I have to admit that many formulations of it have the adverse effect of drying out skin big time. After reading a few reviews about how well this particular gem worked at giving you the effects of Retinol without the dryness, I knew I needed to try it for myself (though I should say the stunning bottle didn't hurt either). Advertised as an herbal alternative to retinoids, this beauty employs pumpkin enzymes, rosehip oil, seabuckthorn oil and a plethora of other beautes to smooth your skin overnight while still keeping it soothed and un-irritated. After just one night I noticed the effects, and after several weeks I can honestly say it's one of my favorite nighttime products. It absorbs super quickly, allowing you to apply something else on top of it, and it just performs exactly as advertised. I couldn't be more impressed! That being said, I only wear it after dark because the nature of the ingredients could cause photosensitivity.

What's your solution to dry skin? I'd love to hear any recommendations in the comments below!


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  1. I really love to use Lush Skin Drink moisturiser when my skin is feeling de-hydrated 😊


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