Friday, October 23, 2015

Cocoon Apothecary

Folks its time to talk a little bit about another natural brand that has been knocking my socks off recently. The change from summer to fall usually reeks absolute havoc on my skin - the drastic change from humidity to a cold front is my skin's worst nightmare. This year has been different though and, honestly, my skin has been looking better now then it did all summer long. One brand that I really have to thank for this change of heart for my irritable complexion is Cocoon Apothecary, a Canadian based line of natural products made with truly fantastic ingredients.

Their Rosy Cheeks Facial Cream* and Eyewaken Eye Cream* have become staples in my routine for their simple yet powerful formulas. The facial cream includes ingredients such as rose absolute, avocado oil, shea butter and green tea oil that provide your skin with intense hydration while keeping redness and irritation to a minimum.

The eye cream, on the other hand, fights against puffiness and darkness with the help of ingredients such as argan, grapeseed and almond oil. This stuff is fantastic, and really hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes. I actually pumped a little sample of this stuff for one of my friends to try out and she loved it as well! It's superbly soothing and just an all around great choice for a cold weather eye cream.

Their Petal Purity Facial Cleanser* includes ingredients such as lavender, geranium, coconut oil and almond oil to create a cleansing, balancing formula. I love any cleanser that can leave your skin feeling clean without stripping it of oil, and this gem performs well on all counts. It's a great option for normal to dry skin, and one I'd definitely recommend.

Finally there's the Kahuna Body Lotion*, a luxurious lotion that smells sweet and works miracles on dry skin. Coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and lemongrass work together to make this a truly A++ formula, leaving your skin insanely moisturized without every feeling greasy. The lemongrass adds to the pleasant scent, but is also and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient, making it a wonderful addition to an already wonderful moisturizer. As much as I love everything from the brand this might just be my favorite bit - everything from the lotion itself to the packaging is adorable and I can't get enough of it.

Have you guys tried Cocoon Apothecary yet? Be sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all their latest!

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