Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Urban Moonshine

Ever since I tried Lotus Wei awhile back, I have really loved the idea of supplemental tonics. Easy to take and packed full of good-for-you ingredients, I've seen a real difference since I started using them. My latest discovery is Urban Moonshine, a gorgeous brand of organic products that have various uses and solutions. I originally heard of them after seeing their partnership with Free People (my favorite clothing brand, hands down) and after trying two of their tonics I am happy to report my expectations were far succeeded.

First up is their Energy Tonic*, which includes ingredients such as ginger root, cinnamon bark, ginseng root and licorice root. These herbs are combined to protect your body from depleting effects of stress, giving you natural energy and stamina. The formula is just overall good for you, and after a month of using it nearly daily I can say firsthand that it lives up to all of its claims. Since the taste is a tad bitter I do combine it with water, but the effects are the same no matter what. It's not like an energy drink (thank goodness) but instead just naturally increases your stamina, so you find yourself less and less insatiably tired. As someone who often feels tired, no matter the amount of coffee or sleep I've had, this feeling is a joy unto itself.

Speaking of joy, I have also been using their Joy Tonic* (though usually on alternating days). This one is formulated with motherwort leaf, rose petal, lemongrass and mugwort leaf (which sounds like an ingredient you'd find at Hogwarts, no?) to support a healthy level of tension in our nervous system and internal organs. As someone who has struggled the majority of their life with anxiety and depression, I'm well aware that nothing is a cure-all, but I do find that this has a positive effect with my demeanor. Plus the ingredients are just plain wonderful for promoting all-around body health!

Do any of you use anything from from Urban Moonshine? I'd love to hear your results in the comments below! I'm super interested in trying out their Immune Tonic.

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