Monday, September 21, 2015

Tokyo Factory

Have you ever seen pictures of a brand on Instagram and just known you were going to fall in love? That was my initial reaction to the gorgeous products of Tokyo Factory. One look at their aesthetics and clean ingredients and I was in love. But as much as I enjoyed reading about them, my adoration for the brand grew exponentially after trying out a few gorgeous products.

I've been playing around with three products from the line, their Vintage Rose Soy Candle*, Rose Lip Treatment* and All Purpose Beauty Oil* for several weeks and have loved each and every option. The All Purpose Beauty Oil* is, as its name suggests, available for multiple purposes, from hair to skin. The formula includes beautiful oils such as jojoba and argan which are both known for their moisturizing and anti-aging properties, making this a fantastic all-round option for any age. While I have used it on my face with great results, I particularly love putting a bit on the ends of my hair, which has left it looking far healthier than ever before. It's pretty great to have an option that can be used for two different purposes, and with the affordability of this particular formula it's certainly one I'd recommend!

My first reaction to their gorgeous Rose Lip Treatment* was just how generously sized it is! I don't know if you can tell from the picture above, but the container is absolutely massive, far larger than any lip treatment product I've tried in the past. While the treatment comes with a very slight pinkish tint to it (making it great for both lips and glowing cheeks) the real star behind this is its moisturizing formulation, made up of components such as cocoa butter, rose extract and a multitude of good-for-you oils. It's a superbly hydrating treatment, and with the sheer size of the packaging I know it will last for quite some time.

As much as I love the two previously mentioned products, if I had to choose a favorite it would have to be the absolutely stunning Vintage Rose Soy Candle*. I'm a total sucker for candles, and everything from the beautiful fragrance to the adorable yogurt-jar packaging of this one is perfection to me. It's a charmingly small size (3.5 ounces) in a little glass yogurt jar, and this particular scent is an aromatic blend of english rose and amber musk. This combination of floral and musky is my favorite for candles, so I've been savoring every last moment of this particular blend. It's made of soy wax which, in my opinion, is not only healthier but also cleans so much better then paraffin-wax candles. The aroma is pleasantly strong without being overwhelming, and I can already tell I'll be getting a repurchase of this guy (plus a few other scents - looking at you Fig and Vanilla).

This is one seriously great brand with wonderful formulas and incredible pricing that I'd recommend everyone check out. I've been super impressed and can't wait to try more!

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