Friday, September 25, 2015

Saressa Designs

One of my favorite things about green beauty (other than the fantastic ingredients) is the fact that so many green brands are handmade, with love and care. This has become such a rarity in today's world of machines and computers, and while it's a little thing it's something I really treasure in a product. This appreciation extends beyond beauty as well, including all kinds of handmade gems. Etsy has become a treasure trove of different handmade items that I find myself simply lusting over on a daily basis, and one category that always shines to me is jewelry.

There are so many beautiful handmade jewelry lines out there now, but one brand that's stood out to me above many others has been the beautiful Saressa Designs, a handmade collection designed by the lovely Rachel Hughes. The two dreamy products you see above are the brand's Finn Necklace* as well as their Aquamarine Cocktail Ring*, two pieces of jewelry that have quickly become a mainstay for my daily outfits.

The Finn Necklace* is a bestseller for the line, and has even been showcased on television shows such as Bones! It's a stunning Lapis Lazuli briolette necklace, a high quality gemstone that is known for its breathtaking midnight blue color. The necklace is available in a variety of different lengths, and I chose the 16" which I find to be the perfect length to showcase with both dresses and sweaters. It's the perfect color and wrapped exquisitely in gold, making it a definite must have for my fall wardrobe.

The Aquamarine Cocktail Ring* is equally impressive, featuring a high quality square-cut Aquamarine gemstone stylishly wrapped in 14k gold. Again, I'm obsessed with the color, and I have gotten endless compliments while wearing this. I'm very much a ring girl, so when I find one that I want to wear day in and day out you know it's good. It fits perfectly and is such an amazing quality - all at a super affordable price. I'm so impressed with the fine craftsmanship that Rachel's designs display, and it has made her line one that I know I will shop again and again.

Have you shopped Saressa Designs yet? I'd love to hear any favorites (I already have a wishlist full of them)! Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all their latest and greatest!

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