Friday, September 4, 2015

Coming Up Roses With My Daughter Fragrances

Until this past year I had one lonely perfume on my shelf. While I still love my Marc Jacobs Daisy (it's classic, what can I say?) I am so happy to have broadened my horizons and taken in some new options. Just one of those options were the perfumes of My Daughter Fragrances, a line of beautiful scents handmade by founder Janey that were inspired by her daughter.

Her aptly named scent Joyful* is exactly like it sounds - bright, crisp and cheery. The notes for this one include orange flower, lime blossom, rose and jasmine, making it about as happy a fragrance as one can get. I absolutely adore this for warm weather because of how fresh and beautiful it smells, providing the perfect amount of strength without being overwhelming.

Then there's Always Loved*, which I'm straight up obsessed with. With notes of Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, patchouli and vetiver it's the ideal blend for me of floral and yet a bit musky. While I am in love with the scent of roses, I find that so many perfumes smell like synthetic rose - you know, the too sweet to be real kind of scent. This is just the opposite. It's fresh and floral, smelling like true roses. It's never cloying but instead just blooms to be the most wonderful fragrance. I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten wearing this gem, and how amazingly long it lasts throughout the day. It's become an everyday sort of scent for me and I can see myself enjoying it all year round.

This is a brand I'd highly recommend for those that love fragrances but want something high quality and a little different. You can follow this gorgeous line on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


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