Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kide Cosmetics

When I first opened up the packaging of Kide Cosmetics' wonderful products, I honestly couldn't tell if I was more blown away by the beautiful wooden box of each dreamy choice or by the mesmerizing powder formulas. There's a lot to choose from when it comes to this gorgeous brand, hailing all the way from Finland. This pure brand makes it possible to not have to choose between luxury and clean ingredients - they're all here. Each highly pigmented formula uses pure minerals and antioxidants such as green tea, vitamins C, A and E and even diamonds (whaaaat?) for their light reflecting qualities. So, yeah, there's obviously a lot here to love.

Let's start with the Reflect Highlighter*, a highlighter that makes the popular trend of strobing about as simple as it can get. This gorgeous formula looks completely natural on your skin, with very finely milled pigments to give your complexion a gorgeously reflective appearance without any obvious signs of makeup. I am all about the highlight, so this has quickly become a favorite of mine, especially during the warmer weather when I can use a bit of powder.

Then there's Sunshine Shading Powder*, the bronzer of my dreams. This dark bronzer can be applied with a light hand to either give you a sun kissed look or as a perfect contouring powder. I personally have trouble rocking the contoured look with any product, so I can't speak too much about how this one performs because I am inept at the practice, but as a bronzer this guy is gorge. Truly, it gives you that sunny glow that looks so dang natural people will be asking where you've been vacationing.

Finally there's the beautiful Kissed Blushing Powder*, a gorgeous multi-purpose pink pigment that looks stunning on both the cheeks and eyelids. I personally have always been a fan of subtly pink lids (the one makeup-related trait I picked up from my mother) and this particular shade is perfect for that. I honestly adore it and, like the other powders, it looks so dang natural! I can't get over how perfected my skin looks when using these, without looking like obvious makeup (something all too many powder formulas have yet to master).

Have you guys tried anything from Kide Cosmetics yet? I'd love to hear any favorites! Be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up with all their latest.

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