Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Come On, Get Happy!

What do you think of a body oil that instantly wakes you up in the morning, leaving you glowing and with a big ol' smile on your face? That's what you get with Jiva Apoha, a gorgeous brand full of body care that will relax, soothe and enlighten you. The brand aims to be "soul healing" with their beautiful blends of oils for your face and body that will leave both your skin and mind feeling wonderful. Jive Apoha founder Angela Shore believe in the art of "oiling", a sacred process of massaging healing oils all over your body for a process that's very similar to "self-massage". Her products are not only good for you and wonderfully fragrant but truly are an experience.

I've been using Jiva Apoha's Sukhin (Happy) Body Oil*, a blend of cardamom, black pepper and orange that provides a completely uplifting fragrance. The scent lasts for hours after applying to your skin, something that can be quite rare with body fragrances! It leaves your skin supremely hydrated on top of that, an added bonus to an already fantastic formula. I apply it right out of the shower, so it soaks into my skin while it's still fairly moist, allowing it to completely absorb the wonders found in the bottle. Applying it truly is an experience, and I'm so impressed with how resilient it leaves my skin feeling. A true savior for dry skin, indeed.

I'm so impressed with this line, and the care and thought Angela obviously puts into each and every product. There's a ton of parts to the line currently (many more I cannot wait to try!) and, if none suit your fancy, Angela can even make your own customized fragrance just for you. Be sure to follow the line on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - I for one can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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