Thursday, September 10, 2015


I must confess that in the past year or so I have become a total toner addict. I honestly couldn't even tell you what it is that ignites my obsession - perhaps its the immediate results or instant clean skin feeling? Whatever the case might be, I have a quite a few to my name. The reason I share all this with you is so you know that when I say I've found one of my favorite toners in recent memory you can know that I mean it. And that is just the case with the gorgeous Soothe Facial Toner* from the all natural brand ChangeSoap.

I knew from the get go this toner and I would get along quite well, simply by the three main ingredients of tea tree, witch hazel and lavender. All of these clarifying ingredients work delightfully well at soothing redness and clearing skin, and I've personally found both to work perfectly for my skin type. All it takes is a few spritzes of this gem on a cotton pad, and when I wipe it over my skin I'm left with a superbly hydrated, but far cleaner feeling complexion.

I've also been able to try two other star products from the line, their Pink Sea Hair Texture + Volume Spray* as well as their Dead Sea Soap*. The soap contains a range of oils such as olive, coconut, and palm, as well as dead sea and kaolin clay to clarify and tone your complexion and body. I love soaps like these that can safely be used for both your face and body, which makes for such a great and simple option in a pinch. This particular soap smells beautifully of oranges and works incredibly well.

Similarly to their Soothing Toner, I've become quite addicted to their beautiful Volume Spray. With notes of lavender combined with aloe and pink himalayan and dead sea salts, this gorgeous little guy is texturized hair in a bottle. It smells lovely and leaves my hair all kinds of textured without that awful crunchy hair feel that so many sprays leave behind. I usually spray a bit on my dry or damp hair and either follow up with a styling tool or leave it to air dry for instant body and volume.

Have you guys tried anything from ChangeSoap before? Stay up to date with all their latest on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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