Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Purely Rose Candle

As soon as fall rolls around my candle obsession comes swinging back into full gear. At the moment I'm loving scents that work as a transition between summer and fall, so rich and fresh florals have been burning in full swing at my house. One of my favorite candles of the moment is a gorgeous soy wax blend from the fantastic Carriage 44.

Their Rose Soy Candle* is made with 100% EcoSoy Wax and pure essential oils, allowing it to burn with a wonderful and subtle warmth. The candle is the perfect size and will supposedly burn for 25-30 hours, and approximation I full heartedly believe as soy wax candles always last so long. This particular one burns evenly and easily, allowing the entire room to be enveloped in its gorgeous aroma.

So how about that aroma? The scent of this is stunning, a pure and fresh smell of heirloom roses. I'll be the first to admit that far too many rose scents out there smell too sweet and almost synthetic, but this gem is fresh and crisp, smelling exquisitely floral without being too overpowering. Even those that aren't huge floral fans could probably get on board with this dreamy scent, which is just the ideal strength to pleasantly fill up a room. I absolutely adore it and look forward to burning it for many more hours to come.

Have you tried anything from Carriage 44 yet? I'd love to hear recommendations for my next candle to test out!

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