Monday, August 24, 2015

Let Go and Clarify

I have just a bit of a toner obsession. No seriously. I don't know if it's because it's a product I find to be immediately effective or whether I love how refreshing it is, but I have accrued quite the collection over time. All this being said, when I say I love a toner it must have really blown me away - which is exactly what happened when I tried the beautiful BEING Let Go Floral Tonic* from BEING

Made of a combination of lavender, witch hazel and rosemary, this formula is perfect for clarifying any oily skin. While I might have a more naturally dry skin type, during the summer I end up really needing some toning for excess oil. Spritzing this on my skin after cleansing has helped tremendously in clearing up blemishes and even fading acne scars. I like to spray a bit on a cotton pad and then rub it in circular motions around my face, getting rid of any dirt, grime or dead skin cells immediately without any irritation whatsoever. Lavender is a fantastic ingredient in fighting blemishes, and it is used exquisitely in this gem. It also makes it smell dreamy as all get out!

Along with the beautiful tonic, I was given the opportunity to try out the brand's lovely Mend Healing Balm*, a balm that helps to heal severely damaged skin. Made of a mixture of oils such as  hemp, avocado, rosehip and tea tree, this concoction is perfect for minimizing scarring and can be applied to cuts, burns, bruises and irritated skin to help keep it nourished and heal. I've been using this on my body on any super dry spots and have loved the results. I cannot wait to try this guy out during the winter when my skin really starts acting up, and seeing how well it performs.

I encourage you all to "live by BEING" and check out this beautiful brand. The creator of the line, Cynthia, is not only incredibly kind but oh so knowledgable, and creates some truly fantastic products. You can keep up to date on all of her amazing products through the brand's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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