Tuesday, August 18, 2015

California Dreamin' from Brooklyn

Body care is one category of my routine that I really hadn't done much with before my switch to green beauty. Sure I had a few lotions and such, but for someone who has the level of dry skin I have, in hindsight I truly should have been doing more for it. Adding body oils to my routine has been a real lifesaver - not only are they superbly hydrating, but they keep my skin in better condition, which is something that lotions never really achieved. Plus, they come in some truly amazing scents.

One such scent, which I've been adoring this summer, is Forager Botanicals'  Beach Body Oil*, a blend of almond, jojoba and apricot oils with a scent that really transports you to the beach. Containing notes of wood, eucalyptus, green moss and sea air, the Beach Body Oil was inspired by the Northern California coast and it shows. Putting this on in the morning instantly puts me in a happier mood, making me think of the fresh air of the beach and all the memories I've had there. Since I'm currently living in the Midwest with no access to the beach, opening this up provides a wonderful case of nostalgia that I cannot get enough of.

Aside from the wonderful scent, the blend of oils has been doing wonders for my dry skin. Everything is easily absorbed, but really keeps my body hydrated and refreshed throughout the day - no touch-ups required! It's been the ultimate summer moisturizer, and has made me incredibly excited to try more scents from the brand. Right now I have my eye on their Rose Body Oil for a lovely floral option!

If you haven't heard of Forager in the past, I urge you to check them out on their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Not only do they have beautiful vegan body oils, but they also offer some truly incredibly perfumes and skin care that everyone would love.

Have you tried Forager Botanicals before? Let me know your favorite scent in the comments below!

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