Friday, August 28, 2015

A Little Peace of Mind With Lotus Wei

As you might or might not recall, a few months ago I took my first foray into supplements by trying out the wonderful Moon Juice Beauty Dust*. I was incredibly impressed by the results, and it inspired me to explore more options within the field. I'm pretty picky about my supplements, and do a lot of research before I try something out, but after reading rave after rave for Lotus Wei I knew it was a brand that I wanted to try.

The brand is compromised of various elixirs, mists, serums and perfumes that help your body deal with a variety of different concerns. For the past several weeks I've been trying two different products from the line, their Inner Peace Elixir* as well as their Inspired Action Mist*. Their Inspired Action Mist is made up of scents such as pink pepper, lime, lemon and lotus to kick your motivation into overdrive.

According to the directions, you are supposed to spritz a few sprays of this, inhaling deeply and letting your mind relax. The scent certainly is relaxing, and I have noticed that it helps me get focused within a few minutes of spraying it. I do a good amount of work from home doing freelance writing and, as much as I love it, I'll fully admit that my biggest issue is being able to concentrate. While I wouldn't call this mist my be-all-end-all solution to procrastination, I definitely do feel a bit more relaxed and focused after spraying this around my work area.

As much as I adore the mist though, I honestly cannot rave enough about the beauty of the brand's Inner Peace Elixir. Made up of ingredients such as arctic lupine, red hibiscus, mountain laurel and pink lotus, this elixir is supposed to combat high levels of stress and anxiety, helping to ease your mind. I'm can't remember just how much I've shared of this in the past, but I have suffered with anxiety disorder for a long time now. I almost constantly feel on edge and anxious, and deal with these feelings on a near daily basis. So when I tried mixing a few drops of this in my water (as directed) I can honestly say I didn't expect much. Now I'm not about to say it cured me of my anxiety (I'd pay top dollar for that) but I really did feel a bit more at ease with this, and have had the same effects each and every time I've used it. Along with combating feelings of stress, the ingredients are also great for your body and immune system, which I see as a definite plus! It's been something I've bene using regularly and I have absolutely noticed a difference.

Have you guys tried anything from Lotus Wei before? Anything on their site spark your interest? Let me know in the comments below!

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