Friday, July 10, 2015

Prim (and Proper) Botanicals

Today I want to talk a little bit about a brand that not only formulates its products with the best ingredients available, but also has the most beautiful packaging I think I've ever seen. The brand is Prim Botanicals, and if you haven't heard of them already I can guarantee you'll be seeing them a lot more in the near future. These formulas are stunning and I believe this is a brand that my fellow green beauty lovers will adore. I was able to try out a few products from the line and am excited to share with you all a bit more about them.

First up is the wonderful Body Oilwhich includes ingredients such as Almond oil, Hazelnut oil, rose and jasmine to create a gorgeous concoction that not only smells incredible but leaves your skin incredibly hydrated. I like using this all over my body after the shower, and find that it sinks in quickly, easily leaving your skin completely moisturized and smelling simply heavenly. The formula is also wonderfully toning, and I've found that after several weeks of use my skin looks a bit more even and slightly more toned! The bottle is quite large and so I'm psyched to use the rest of it and see the results improve even more. I could honestly see this lasting me for several more months of daily use, in its beautiful glass packaging you get a lot of product.

The brand's Face Oilincludes ingredients like high Lineolic Sunflower oil, Marula oil and Sea Buckthorn oil, making it a wonderfully hydrating and healing option for any and all skin types. The square glass bottle comes with a very generous amount of product, and with daily use over a the course of a few weeks I've barely made a dent in my supply. I like to use it by pouring a small dime size amount in the palm of my hand and rubbing it between my hands, applying it by gently patting it onto my face. The oil absorbs quickly so is perfect for using both day and night, though I really love using it as a healing option for the night.

One way I love using this face oil is in combination with one of the brand's "potions". The brand actually offers two "potions" as an add-on to their facial oil to give it a wonderfully powerful extra kick. These little guys come in an adorable little bottle full of super powerful ingredients that can be used in combination with a facial oil or on their own to help cure any skin concerns. The one I've been testing out is Potion No. 1*, a lightweight antibacterial oil that works to even out your skin tone and fade any dark spots or scars. With three supercharged ingredients (consisting of Sea Buckthorn oil, Tamanu and Blackseed oil) all it really takes is a drop or two of this gem to zap any seriously dehydrated skin or acne. While the oil is super rich, I've never had any problems with it clogging pores - instead I found it to be quite clearing for my skin, getting rid of a few spots of acne I've been dealing with for awhile. The potions are such unique little products and really set this line apart from the rest for me. The idea is rather genius and helps you to tailor your skincare to your everyday needs. Dealing with acne or dryness? Try a few drops of Potion No. 1*. How about bug bites or scars? Well then Potion No. 2 is perfect for you.

I implore you to check out the Prim Botanicals website and take a look around at all the beautiful products they have to offer. I've honestly fallen in love with each and every one and am already planning on repurchasing! You can also follow this lovely brand on Twitter and Instagram - the gorgeous girls behind it are wonderful and so knowledgable about the green beauty world.

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