Wednesday, July 15, 2015

KVoss Body Butters

My skin seems to be a perpetual state of dryness. But seriously - does anyone else have skin that seems to get dry constantly, even during the summer? While I love using body oils and lotions to soothe my parched skin, I've long been on the lookout for something that could really up my body care game and help my skin stay hydrated for a little longer than a few hours at a time. Enter KVoss Skincare. Started by the lovely Kristin Voss, the line consists of skin and body care products that are full of top quality beautiful, natural ingredients. I was lucky enough to try out two of her infamous body butters, and I was blown away by the impressive results.

One of the butters I've been trailing for the past few weeks is her Anti-Stretch Marks/Cellulite Reduction*, a rich lotion that actually improves the look of cellulite and stretch marks after about 4 to 6 weeks of use. Made with superb ingredients such as Shea Butter, Raw Cocoa Butter and Grapeseed Oil, this guy is ridiculously hydrating and toning for all skin types. While the formula is quite rich it still sinks in quickly, leaving you with moisturized (but never oily) skin that will last all day. Take my word for it - even for those of you with dry skin like mine, this gem will have you covered.

I've also been trialling the Ultimate Hydrator Body Lotion, a soft, butter-y formula that smells like a dream and leaves my skin baby soft. With ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Argan Oil I shouldn't be surprised with how ridiculously well this works - it leaves my skin softer than I've ever felt it. The tub is filled to the brim with product, and it is such an intensely hydrating formula that you really only need a small amount of it all over. I've been using it overnight to repair my skin (specifically my legs and feet which are usually bone dry) and it has been a life saver. My skin has never looked or felt better, and I haven't had to deal with constant irritation from my normally dehydrated skin. I cannot thank Kristin enough for making this lovely guy, it's truly magical.

I couldn't recommend Kristin's line enough to you guys. and I implore you to check it out. Kristin is an absolute sweetheart and has designed such a beautiful array of products that can up your skin or body care game. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram, and be sure to visit the KVoss website to see all that she has to offer.

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