Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hi Wildflower Botanica

Another day, another beautiful green beauty brand to explore. When I first decided to start using green beauty products I remember being afraid that I wouldn't be able to find any brands I loved as much as the ones I found at stores like Sephora or Space NK. Little did I know that I would find more green beauty brands I love than I ever thought possible. There are so many wonderful small batch beauty companies out there made by passionate, knowledgable beauty lovers that I've accrued quite the collection of wonderful products of all types over the past several months. One of these stunning brand has been Hi Wildflower Botanica, a collection of body care and fragrances made with ingredients full of heavenly scents.

I started out by trying the brand's Perfume Samplerwhich contains a trial size of four different scents, including Night Blossom, Hanalei, Lovers Rock and West Indies. Hanalei is described as a tropical and spicy floral, with notes of bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and ballast. Lovers Rock is a spicy unisex scent with notes including tonka bean, amber, black pepper and tobacco, while West Indies is a more masculine scent that includes notes of bay rum, black pepper, cedar and vetiver. My personal favorite has to be Night Blossom, a more floral, feminine scents that includes some of my absolute favorite notes, including neroli, rose and jasmine. It's beautifully fresh and floral without being overpowering and has become my go-to for both day and night. I'm dying to buy the full size, and have been savoring every last drop of this precious sample.

The brand also carries several scents of their Body Oil*, but the one that I've been testing out is No. 2, a blend of cardamom, geranium and vetiver in both jojoba and sweet almond oil. The scent is fairly strong but the formula is absolutely superb - it's incredibly hydrating and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized all day long, minus any greasy feeling. I've been so impressed with the formula to this (not to mention the beautiful packaging) and plan on trying out their No. 4 blend next, a combination of jasmine, neroli and balsam that I'm pretty certain I'll adore.

Finally the brand carries a wide variety of insanely great candles. The one I've been using most recently has been their Egyptian Neroli Candle, a true gem which I unfortunately can no longer find online. Neroli is one of my favorite scents to find in a fragrance and it is hands down the most powerful one found in this beautiful soy wax candle, so it was truly love at first sniff for me. The candle burns beautifully and throws the most relaxing, lovely scent. This candle feels like it was tailored just for me, and I'm hoping that it's not gone from the brand forever because I'm a little bit obsessed!

If you're looking for a line of beautiful fragrances with eco-friendly formulas than look no further folks - this is the line you need to be looking at. Check out their website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and explore all the stunning products they have to offer. I promise you'll fall in love!

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