Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Little Magic Beauty Dust

I've always been a pretty avid vitamin and supplement taker. Perhaps it's because my parents always recommended my brothers and I take our daily multi-vitamin, but I've just always seen vitamins as a great option to take daily. I feel like since I was younger, though, the type of vitamins and supplements you can take has grown expansively, offering an option for just about every concern under the sun.

One brand that I began to hear a lot about was Moon Juice, a California based company started by Amanda Chantal Bacon, a chef and sustainable lifestyle leader. Through Moon Juice she created a wide variety of various juices, milks and "Moon Dusts" that are full of plants, vegetables and all kinds of natural remedies for you to take daily. When I first heard about the line, it was their variety of "Moon Dusts" that immediately intrigued me. With products including Spirit Dust, Brain Dust and even Sex Dust (ooh la la) the line encompasses a wide variety of needs in the form of a tub full of natural ingredients that can be taken daily as a supplement.

The one that I was able to try out is the wonderful Beauty Dust, which contains the wild crafted ingredients including Goji, Rehmannia, Schisandra, Pearl and Stevia. I'm not sure if you guys know off hand what these guys are (because I sure didn't) but after doing a bit of research I found that they were all specially chosen for not only their skin "beautifying" properties but also their positive benefits for your health. The formula works to calm your nerves while increasing collagen, toning and firming your tissue and hydrating your skin, hair nails and cell membranes both inside and out.

Each container makes approximately 25 servings depending on the taste and the level of potency you choose. The instructions state that you can add a teaspoon of this to 8oz of any hot or cold liquid, and I've found that the best one to use taste wise is adding this to a bit of Almond milk, though I've also recently started enjoying it added into a smoothie. So have I seen any results? After several weeks of use, I have to admit that I've noticed more of a glow to my skin. My nails have certainly seemed a lot healthier and, in all honesty, I've been feeling a bit more awake and less sluggish after taking this. I know, I know, that part might just seem like a placebo effect,but I'd like to believe that this supplement has really been a great addition with some truly lovely benefits.

All in all I've been pretty impressed with what I've seen from my Beauty Dust results, and it's made me pretty eager to try out another product from the line! The Spirit Dust in particular has stood out to me as a wonderful one to try, with ingredients that supposedly help to "enhance a sense of confidence, awareness and appreciation". Have you guys tried any products like this? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I've actually been eyeing these products for quite some time now and never took the plunge as I didn't want to waste money on something that might not do anything. I'm so glad they're worth the money! Thanks for your review now I'm on a rampage to get this stuff. Haha



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