Monday, July 27, 2015

14 Days of Target Denim

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When it comes to jeans, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. I love jeans - truly, I wear them more days than not. They’re comfortable, they go with just about anything, and they’ll never go out of style. It’s a win-win-win - so what’s my problem? Well, honestly, finding denim that fits my body type has always been a bit of a problem for me. I’m 5’ 2” with wider hips and seriously short legs. Basically, I’m the exact opposite of a body type that most designers are making their jeans for. Most denim that I try is either too low rise, oddly fitting or, most frequently, far too long for my height. Despite all of these obstacles, I have remained determined to find jeans that would work for me and my everyday style. And who would have thought that my search would lead me to some truly wonderful and affordable jeans from Target’s new collection?
For the past two weeks I’ve been wearing a selection of Target’s Jeans daily, and I’m ready to tell you all a little more about the experiences. The three jeans I’ve been circulating for these past few weeks are the MB High Rise Jegging* in Dark Wash, the MB Mid Rise Jegging* in Repaired Medium and the MB Mid Rise Skinny Jeans* in Dark Wash, and each one has outperformed my initial expectations. Because of my body type, I’m a pretty tough judge when it comes to my denim, and each of these beautiful products has worked better than I could have imagined.

When I first began wearing both the Mid and High Rise Jeggings, I immediately fell in love. They’re not what I would normally classify as a “jegging” - while they are certainly fitted, they’re not overly tight, nor are they uncomfortably stretchy. They have the perfect amount of give to them that prevents them from ever sagging around the knees or hips, instead fitting my body like a glove. They’re also the perfect length for my short frame, hitting me right at the ankles so I don’t have to roll them up constantly. I love wearing these beautiful jeans with a worn in tee or a tank and sandals, providing me with the perfect Minnesota summer night outfit.

Perhaps my most worn of the bunch would be the Mid Rise Skinny Jeans*. Not only are these the perfect dark wash for any and all outfits, but this pair of pants might be one of the comfiest I’ve ever owned. They fit my body and length perfectly, as if they were made just for me, and have become more comfortable with each and every wear. I’ve found myself reaching for these on an almost daily basis, having to tear myself away when they were finally in need of a wash. Wearing this pair of jeans simply makes me feel good, which is really the best thing you can ask for when it comes to a beloved piece of clothing.

Trying out these jeans from Target has truly been a great experience for me. Honestly, up until this point I really didn’t think I’d be able to find jeans for me that didn’t require either tailoring or breaking the bank (or even a bit of both). Wearing these jeans not only make me feel a little more comfortable in my body but also allow me to just wear my beloved white tee and jeans while still feeling a bit stylish.

You can check out Target’s full denim collection on their website now or, starting July 26th, stop by your local Target and try on a pair in the store to receive $10 off.

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