Friday, May 22, 2015

DIY Almond Rose Body Oil

Today I'm teaming up with the always lovely Allison from Mercuteify to bring you a bit of DIY goodness. While Allison amazingly made her own balm cleanser, I tried my hand at making a body oil with pretty successful results. If you look on Pinterest, there are about a billion and one DIY recipes for body oils, so I definitely found myself with a lot of different options for recipes. I finally decided to try making my own rose scented body oil, using this very basic recipe.

All this took was 1 cup of almond oil (which I bought for $5 at a local market) and 1 cup on rose petals - I combined the two in a mason jar, crushed the rose petals up a bit with a wooden spoon, then proceeded to close the bottle up and let it sit for a week. After the week was up, I strained the rose petals out and voila! You're left with a lovely almond rose scented body oil that will enrich your skin with goodies such as vitamins D and E. I've been slathering it all over after showering and have noticed my skin is much more hydrated than usual since I started (plus it smells wonderful).

While I chose to use almond oil, there are a many other carrier oils you can use in its place. For example, next time I try out this recipe I might try out grapeseed oil, a super lightweight option that carries just as many benefits and packs a ton of hydration. It's also unscented, so if you wanted to add essential oils to it versus actual rose petals you have that option as well.

I had so much fun making my own body oil and it definitely piqued my interest in playing around with more DIY beauty products. Are there any products you guys like to make for yourselves? I'd love to hear any recipes or suggestions!

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