Friday, May 15, 2015

A Natural Deodorant? Me?

In today's post I want to talk a little bit about body odor. Just what you want to be talking about on a Friday morning, right? As I make the switch over to a green beauty-focused routine (something that is impossible to do overnight, I assure you) one of the absolute hardest products I've found to replace is deodorant. I've always been someone who is very conscious of any odor - as I'm sure most people could understand, I'd much prefer to smell fresh and clean throughout the day than have to worry about any sort of body odor. And, if I'm being totally honest, the experiences I've had with natural deodorant options in the past have left it with a bit of a bad rep in my mind. So even though I knew that most deodorants contained some truly icky ingredients (such as Aluminum and Anti-Freeze) that have been linked to various diseases, I'll admit that I have been crazy hesitant to just make the switch.

After doing a whole lot of research though, I was able to find some truly raved about natural deodorant options that I was willing to give a try. Specifically, I read numerous glowing reviews for the natural deodorant options offered by the wonderful brand Meow Meow Tweet.The brand was started by couple Tara and Jeff who have created a truly incredible all-natural line of skincare, body care and fragrance products (with a recent addition of a baby care line as well!). The brand is one I plan on selling at Healuxe Beauty, and I picked it because their products are filled with such thoughtful, effective ingredients, with an added bonus of brilliant hand drawn packaging. Their cream deodorants, in particular, have become a bit of a cult favorite within the blogosphere, so I pretty excited to try them out.

The brand's deodorant are offered in three scents - Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, and a Baking Soda Free option that comes in a lovely Grapefruit scent. Most natural deodorants contain Baking Soda which helps to repel moisture and odor. While many people are fine with this ingredient, some find that it creates underarm sensitivity, which is why it's so wonderful that Meow Meow Tweet offers a Baking Soda Free option.

I actually started out with a sample size of the Lavender option, and my first thought upon opening was that it smells incredible. Pacakaged in a container (larger than the one pictured above, which is a travel size) all you have to do is scoop a tiny amount out and rub into your underarm, where it will immediately melt into your skin. I'll admit it was a bit strange rubbing in deodorant after so many years of using a stick form, but I've actually read that due to the proximity of your lymph nodes, massaging deodorant into your underarm is actually a great way to get your blood moving in the area, which is a definite plus. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Lavender option smelled wonderful for hours, and I didn't find myself having to reapply until much later in the day (and even then it was more for personal comfort, nothing to do with any body odor).

Unfortunately, I found that I was also one of the unlucky few that is a bit sensitive to Baking Soda. While I've read about several ways to prep your underarm and decrease sensitivity, I was still excited to be able to try out the Baking Soda Free* option from the brand as well. Instead of Baking Soda, this one contains ingredients such as arrowroot powder and magnesium, two alternative options for controlling any sort of odor or moisture. It also smells wonderfully of grapefruit and citrus to me, a scent I really love. So the results? While I loved the Lavender (minus the sensitivity), this gem has to be the winner for me. I had no sensitivity and instead was left with hours of BO-free results. I've been using it daily since I received it and every day I fall a little more in love with it.

So while it may have taken me 23 years (okay, more like 11...I wasn't wearing deodorant as a toddler) to get on the natural deodorant bandwagon, I can finally say I'm there. And if anyone else out there is looking to make the switch, I cannot recommend the options from Meow Meow Tweet enough!

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