Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Treasure Hunt: April 2015

I started Blushing Wit last year after years of reading various beauty blogs. I had always been a quiet reader and admirer of some of these amazing blogs, and it was only after plucking up a bit of courage that I decided to pursue my dream of starting my own. Little did I know that with starting my own blog I would discover even more wonderful bloggers out there, finding some of my current favorite reads along the way.

When I first started blogging I dedicated a few posts to highlighting some of these favorite blogs, and I've always regretted not keeping that series up. With that said, I've decided to bring it back as a monthly feature, a way of bringing some of my current favorite reads to the forefront. This month has seen me discovering some amazing blogs, specifically in the area of green beauty! There are so many talented writers/photographers/ladies out there that I'm really excited to share with you all!

Plein Vanity: Plein Vanity is written by the lovely Kasey, who features some of the best green beauty products currently on the market. I can't tell you how many lovely gems I've discovered from her blog, and I love reading about the products she's using and getting great results from. Her photography is absolutely wonderful, and I adore her style of writing - all in all, her's is a blog that I visit on a weekly basis and I always get such joy from reading her posts.

The Rose and Pose: Aside from being a truly lovely person all around, Christina runs one of the absolute loveliest blogs on the web over at The Rose and Pose. I love everything about it - the layout, photography and her writing style are all wonderful and make for an incredibly fun blog to read. She also has some incredible product recommendations, and I totally adored a recent post she had about the best natural deodorants (something I had been on the lookout for when I came across her post!). It's definitely a blog I'd recommend taking a look at if you haven't already, as it's fast become one of my favorites.

Genuine Glow: Lilly is the absolutely gorgeous writer of Genuine Glow, a blog that highlights some incredible green beauty. Her photography is absolutely stunning, and she gives the best recommendations. I completely credit Lilly with introducing me to the wonderful line that is Gressa Skin, and I am forever grateful! I love reading her blog to discover some all-natural brands that I previously hadn't heard about, and to see her truly lovely photographs!


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