Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Beauty of Hair Perfumes

When I first heard that hair perfumes were a thing, I immediately scoffed at the idea. I mean, whose going to pay for perfume made specifically for your hair? And yet, a few months down the line, I'll admit that I am a total convert with a growing collection. You see, unlike what I originally thought, there are some definite benefits to having a hair perfume - in fact, some of these gems have even started to replace my actual perfumes. Perhaps it's because my skin has been so dry this Winter, but I've found that the alcohol content in my regular perfumes had started to irritate my skin. I still love to smell nice, so I decided it was time to try something new - enter hair perfumes.

My first foray into the hair perfume world was with my previously discussed Sachajuan Hair Perfume*, a heat and UV protective spray scented with the gorgeously unique Sachajuan signature scent. With notes such as litchi, cedar wood and rose, this stuff smells absolutely heavenly, and is strong enough to only require one to two sprays to get you through the whole day. Honestly I sometimes have to stop myself from just dousing myself with it because it's just that lovely. Aside from all the wonderful benefits the formula has for your hair and its health, the scent from this guy also lasts all day long. Unlike regular perfume formulas, which I feel often peter out after a few hours, I find that I can catch a whiff of this scent several hours after having first applied it. I'm not sure if it's because of the formula or because the scent lasts longer in my hair, but I'm prone to believe the latter, because my next hair perfume favorite has had the same wonderful benefit.

Coincidentally enough, the other hair perfume I've been adoring lately also hails from a Swedish brand (there's just something about those Swedish, eh?). I recently picked up the Byredo Hair Perfume in Gypsy Water and am ecstatic to say that I might finally have found a signature scent (yes, I am a dork and have always wanted a signature scent). With notes including bergamont, lemon, amber and sandalwood, I knew before even smelling this one that it would be right up my alley. It is simultaneously a clean yet musky scent that just smells wonderful to me, and truly seems like it was made for me. Even Jake, who is very smell-sensitive and hates every scent I've ever worn (when I first word my Ditpyque Eau Rose he told me it smelled like something his grandmother wore) got a whiff of this one and said he really liked it.While I personally haven't found that this option has quite as many haircare benefits as Sachajuan's, I will say that the scent is incredibly long lasting. Any time my hair moves I get a nice whiff of the Gypsy Water scent, providing a nice little pick me up throughout the day.

So would I say that a hair perfume is a necessity? Not at all - if you have an extensive perfume collection that works for you, I think you're pretty much set. But for someone like me whose skin might get irritated by certain formulas, I find hair perfumes to be an amazing little option to have. They've been giving me wonderful, long-lasting fragrances in my favorite scents, and I couldn't be happier.


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