Friday, April 10, 2015

Beauty Inspiration: April 2015

So I am truly a nerd, and I basically keep a Pinterest file handy at all times of my current beauty inspiration. That said, I love sharing it with you guys because I feel like my fellow beauty lovers are the only ones who can understand that weirdness (unless, of course, I am alone in this).

Anyways, recently I've been loving my regular minimal base look, but with Spring officially having begun, it's necessary to add just that lovely pop of color to the look. For me, I've been rocking it on my cheeks using my Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks in both Las Salinas and Moon Beach. Something about that lovely flush of color just makes me so happy!

What's been some of your beauty inspiration this month/season? I'd love to hear about any Pinterest boards to check out in the comments below!

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