Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Living Luminizer

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For the longest time, highlighters scared the crap out of me. Well, that might be just a hint dramatic, so let me rephrase. For a long while I was hesitant to use highlighters for fear that I would look like Edward Cullen caught in the sunlight - that is to say, unattractively shiny. Once I got over my fear I experimented with many different formulas and brands to find the highlighter that would work best for me. 

While I came across several real winners (here's looking at you Hourglass Ambient Lighting) none brought the glowing, dewy factor that I so desperately wanted to achieve. That is until one day at J. Crew (my place of work) I mentioned to a co-worker my envy for the various models' glowing skin, and she informed me that the dew-factor for the models can all be attributed to the RMS Living Luminizer

Now, as a beauty blogger I had heard of this little number before, but for whatever reason I had always pushed it to the side as a "maybe later" purchase. But once I found out that this little gem was the secret to some seriously glowing skin I was sold. And once I tried it for myself? I'm pleased to say that it delivers the same J. Crew model glow even to mere mortals like myself. 

Seriously though, this might be the most glow-y yet natural looking highlighter on the market. With an organic formula including ingredients such as coconut and castor oils, this beauty somehow manages to give the most gorgeous sheen to your skin without an ounce of glitter or shimmer in the mix. I apply the ultra-hydrating formula daily to my cheekbones, underneath my eyebrows and in the inner corners of my eyes and the product simply melts into my skin, leaving behind pure dewy goodness. 

The Living Luminizer is truly a foolproof highlighter, even for the likes of me. I sometimes find myself just going to town slathering this stuff on and yet it never looks overdone. I think it's safe to say I've found my Holy Grail highlighter...

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  1. Im not afraid of a little sparkle but this highlighter is fab for those no makeup look days. Lasts for ages too.


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