Sunday, March 15, 2015

Skincare to Beat the Winter Blues
I don't know about you guys, but this winter has been seriously kicking my ass. Perhaps it happens every year and I just forget about it, but this particular winter has seemed rather brutal. Not only has my mood been affected, but my body has been taking a hit too - particularly my skin. The combination of the dry air, blasted heat and a never ending cold virus has wreaked havoc on my skin, leaving behind blemishes, redness, and dry skin galore.

After seeing my skin go through this rough patch (bad pun not intended) I basically had to revamp my entire skincare routine, and only recently found one that has really worked. It is very Verso-heavy, as I'm sure you have all come to expect by now, but more importantly I've found that it all really works perfectly for my skin.

Morning Routine

In the morning I start off by cleansing my face, massaging in the Verso Foaming Cleanser and then washing it off with cool water. After that, I apply a mixture of the amazing Gressa Purifying Oil* with my Verso Super Facial Serum which I apply all over my skin, following up with a combination of the Gressa Purifying Oil* and my Verso Super Eye Serum which I pat in gently around my eye contour. I've tried applying the Purifying Oil both before the serums and after but have found that it works perfectly when combined with each, strengthening the effects of all three products so much.

After I let the serum/oil combination sink in, I apply my SPF for the day, in this case the Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Screen. This guy is basically a (non-chemical) SPF that gives your skin an almost soft-focus effect - it's not tinted (the sales associate really stressed this point to me) but instead gives a reflective quality that works as a skin perfecter/SPF/primer all rolled into one. If I don't want to wear makeup for the day, often I'll just wear this lovely formula.

For my lips, I like to start off by exfoliating, using the super innovative AquaReveal Smooth Talker Water Peel for Lips*. I plan on talking more about this lovely item, and the rest of the AquaReveal line, in an upcoming post (so look out for that) but basically it's a liquid-y formulation that easily rubs off any dead skin. It's completely painless and non-irritable, but this mostly-natural formula leaves behind soft, supple skin without any dry patches in sight. It's perfect for my lips, and when paired with the incredible Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer my lips have never felt better.

Evening Routine

Now, my evening routine consists of many of the same products, but with a few richer formulas added into the mix. I start off my removing all traces of makeup, using the all-natural and all-powerful Gressa Skin Balancing Cleanser*. This oil literally removes everything, even stubborn waterproof mascara. While my face feels plenty clean after using this, I often follow up with a second cleanse using the same Verso Foaming Cleanser.

After that, I use my same routine of combining my Gressa Purifying Oil* with both my Verso Super Facial Serum and Verso Super Eye Serum, then wait for my skin to absorb everything. I follow this  up with my Verso Night Cream*, a somewhat richer but not heavy night cream that really helps to soothe my skin. I use some richer cream on my eyes as well, often opting for my beloved Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift*. This small little cream has a mind-blowingly bonkers price tag, so I'm incredibly relieved that it takes the tiniest amount to cover both eyes. Hopefully it will last me for the next year, because my wallet cries at the thought of buying a replenishment.

Finally, I slather the incredibly moisturizing Glossier Balm Dotcom* on my lips, sometimes even opting to put a little on any dry patches I might have. This formula might look and feel like Vaseline, but it feels incredibly hydrating on the skin and has never caused me any breakouts (knock on wood).

Have you guys been having problematic skin this winter (or is it just my wacky body)? If so, what've you been using for your skincare routine? I'd love to hear any suggestions!

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